Required Courses

Candidates for the M.S. in Oral Health Sciences (OHS) are required to complete a minimum of 32 graduate credit hours, including a final thesis project.

The following core courses are taken  at the Goldman School of Dental Medicine:GMS 6

GMS OH 751 Biochemistry, 1st semester

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the basic principles of modern biochemistry. The topics to be covered include proteins, enzymes, DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis, metabolism, lipids, connective tissue, and hormones and second messengers. [ 6 cr].  This is a DMD I course.

GMS OH 730 Physiology, 1st semester

This course presents the physiology of cells, tissues, organs and integrated body functions, including the physiological basis for the understanding of clinical conditions. An integrated approach is taken to endocrinology and reproduction. Hormonal aberrations and their end results in human are presented in clinical correlations. [ 6 cr.] This is a DMD I course.

GMS OH 731 Physiology, 2nd semester

This course is a continuation of GMS OH 730. Students will be given the same grade for each course upon completion of both courses.[ 2 cr.]  This is a DMD I course.

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GMS OH 750 Prevention  and Health Promotion in Dentistry, 2nd semester

This course introduces the concepts and techniques of dental public health, disease prevention and health promotion in dentistry and health. Emphasizes caries, periodontal diseases, and oral cancer prevention in the individual and community. [3 cr] This course is taken at the dental school and taught by GSDM faculty.

Other required courses offered through GMS include:

GMS MS 640 Introduction to Biomedical Information, 2nd semester

This course teaches how to find, use, and contribute to biomedical literature while supporting the graduate thesis through lectures and hands-on instruction. Topics include the retrieval, evaluation and management of information, Evidence Based Medicine, and the ethical use of research. [2 cr.]

GMS MS 971 / MS 972  Related Medical Sciences ,  1st  and 2nd semester

Capstone Project  [2cr] or Thesis research [ Maximum 8 cr]

Students also can choose from several elective courses taken with graduate students through GMS.