Oral Health Curriculum

OralHealthSciCandidates for the M.S. in Oral Health Sciences (OHS) are required to complete a minimum of 32 graduate credit hours, including a final Capstone or Thesis project. The majority of students complete the program in 12 months however there is an option for research if you chose to stay for more than one year.

The Program consists of 19 required credits (DMD Biochemistry, DMD Physiology, GMS Prevention and Oral Health Promotion  and GMS Biomedical Information). The remaining credits are fulfilled with elective coursework as well as your Capstone or Thesis final project. Required courses are taken through the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (BUGSDM), while elective courses are taken through the Boston University Division of Graduate Medical Sciences and can be tailored to meet the specific professional goals of each student.

The OHS program expanded to a class size of 40 for Fall 2016 in response to a highly qualified applicant pool and will be continue with the larger size for 2017. To maintain the rigorous graduate biomedical sciences curriculum and highly individualized and supportive culture of the program, OHS will move to a blended live lecture and video streaming format (50:50) for two Fall  DMD courses.

Fall 1

Spring 1

*OH 751 Biochemistry ( 6cr) *OH 731 Physiology ( 2cr)
*OH 730 Physiology ( 6cr) MS 640 Biomedical Information (2cr)
Electives (2-4 cr) OH 750 Oral Health Promotion in Dentistry (3cr)
Electives (8-10 cr)
OH 770 Evidence Based Dentistry (2 cr) OH 771 Head and Neck Anatomy (3 cr)
MS 600 Ethical Issues of  Bioscience (3cr) MS 700 Biostatistics ( 2cr)
MA 640 Cultural Formation of a Clinician (3cr) **OH 740 Microbiology ( 4cr)
MS 793 Fundamentals of Biotechnology (2cr) OH 785  Infectious Diseases (3cr)
CI 670 Biostatistics with Computer (4cr) **OH 700 Pathology (4cr)
MS 793 Fundamentals of Biotechnology (2cr)

Summer I

Summer II

MS 971 (Capstone) (2cr) MS 986 Continuing Student


Fall 2

Spring 2

MS 971 (Thesis)(2cr) MS 972 (Thesis)(2cr)

* DMD I courses in a blended live stream (50:50) format
** DMD 1 courses in live format

Students can choose to complete the Program in 1 year or 2 years as shown below.

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