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Credential-enhancing program with proven track record helping pre-dental students gain admissions to dental school

Rigorous 32 credit master’s building foundational sciences needed for success in dental school

Opportunity to take DMD & graduate level courses while improving academic preparedness for dental school admission

The program has an extremely rigorous graduate-level curriculum but is flexible since it can be completed in 12 or 24 months.  Since the Program’s inception in 2005, it has seen tremendous growth and success with greater than 80% of its graduates matriculating to US dental schools. The program fosters an environment of high standards for professionalism, integrity and collegiality where students build upon their abilities to enable future success.

We have expanded the class size in response to a highly qualified applicant pool, and are adjusting the curriculum to maintain the highly successful and individualized atmosphere of the program.

Boston is a great place to study.  Boston University Medical Campus is located in Boston’s historic and multicultural South End. We have a close knit OHS community and a larger Graduate Student Organization that makes Boston feel like home.

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