Oral Health Sciences Academic Policies and Procedures

All students should familiarize themselves with the general Policies of the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences as well as the program-specific requirements set forth in this document.

Policies related to Oral Health Sciences students are shown below.


  • To receive credit towards graduation requirements, students must receive grades of B- or higher in all required and elective courses.
  • To successfully complete the program, students must receive a grade of C or higher in all required courses, even though credit will not be given for grades lower than B-.
  • When course requirements have not been met during the semester of registration due to extenuating circumstances, a grade of Incomplete (I) may be assigned at the discretion of the Course Manager. Please note that a grade of I can only be given if the student is doing passing work in the course (grade of B- or higher). Students  should complete the course as soon as possible  or within one calendar year.

Academic Probation

  • If a student receives grades of C+ or lower in 8 or more credits in a given semester, the student will be notified and placed on Academic Probation.  Students on Academic Probation must meet with their advisor to develop a plan for academic improvement and remediation of relevant coursework.
  • The option to remediate is dictated by the Course Director with some courses not permitting remediation.
  • Students who remediate any exam are not eligible to receive a grade higher than a B-.