OHS Student Testimonials

Iriff: University of  Southern California Ostrow School of Dentistry  – Class of 2019

Iriff Ulepp-cropMy time off after obtaining my bachelor’s degree solidified my decision to pursue dentistry. However, I felt that I needed to be more academically prepared prior to applying to dental school. Pursuing my master’s through the Boston University Oral Health Sciences program gave me the confidence I needed as I applied because I could show schools that I was capable of succeeding in a dental program. I am now a member of the class of 2019 at the University of Southern California Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry and because of the OHS program, I was able to quickly adjust to the D1 Problem-Based Learning curriculum and start off my dental education on the right foot. Although I focused on the academic aspect it offered in making my decision to attend, the OHS program also stood out because of the environment and relationships it fostered between and among the staff and students. The staff does an amazing job in supporting its students throughout the application process. Dr. Davies is not only a wonderful professor but, an attentive and caring mentor as well. I also connected with individuals who shared my passion for dentistry and am looking forward to calling them my colleagues in the near future. Obtaining my master’s through the BU OHS program made a difference both prior to and during my dental education and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing dentistry.

Eshere: Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine – Class of 2019

GbarbeaThe OHS program was by far the best decision of my life. The application process for dental school can be both exhaustive and tedious, especially when faced with setbacks the first time around. Giving up seemed so easy, however that was not an option for me. It had been my dream and goal to become a dentist my entire life. Not wanting to take an entire year off after graduating from undergrad, I applied to the program and gained acceptance. Even though the courses were rigorous, the support of faculty, advisors, and classmates helped me to succeed. Having the opportunity to take classes along with the dental students reinforced my passion for dentistry. This opportunity allowed me to improve on my science academic standing and the DAT. I was also able to evaluate and change my study habits and test taking skills along the way. I am now better equipped to tackle dental school.

Tom: Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, President of Class of 2018

SantacroceThe Boston University Oral Health Sciences Master’s program is a well thought-out, enthusiastically run program that provided me with unmatched opportunity. Through this program, I was able to network with faculty and staff in the BU community, improve my communication skills through a variety of leadership positions, and prove I had the aptitude and drive to succeed in the rigorous environment that is dental school. As a result, I am now well on my way to becoming a part of the best profession in the world.

Katie: Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health  – Class of 2018

Takach,KatieI didn’t always know that I wanted be a dentist. I pursued biomedical engineering as an undergraduate with the intention of going into the medical device industry. However, as I began to take elective classes in biomaterials and tissue engineering during my Sophomore year, I began to see that dentistry was the perfect application for my engineering degree. Because my undergraduate coursework was heavily skewed towards math and engineering courses, I had little opalportunity to take certain biology classes required for entrance into some dental schools (microbiology, physiology, and biochemistry). The OHS program not only helped me to complete these necessary courses, but gave me the confidence to succeed in dental school, as I took classes along with BU’s dental students. I have no doubt that this program made me a more competitive applicant, and schools that I interviewed at genuinely seemed to hold this program in high regard. By winter break I had already had a handful of offers from dental schools, and once my fall semester grades were sent to the dental schools I applied to, I received several more interview invitations. My favorite part of the program was how the professors linked key concepts to how they would be of use to us in the dental field. This really motivated me to learn the material as best as I could as I knew that it would be relevant to me later when I start to practice. Best of all, I know that this program will make my first year of dental school more manageable, since I will have taken dental school coursework within a year of starting school.

Gemma:  University of Michigan School of Dentistry – Class of 2017

Hill, GemmaThe day I was accepted into the OHS program was a major milestone for me in terms of my education and goals.  Although I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to be a dentist, it took me longer to learn how to study and really gain the focus necessary to achieve the goals that I set out to. I initially applied to dental school when I graduated from college, and had to re-evaluate my application after not being accepted. As a result, I am a non-traditional student. I came into the OHS program with not only my experience as an undergrad, but also with experience working in the field as an oral surgery assistant, and as a post-baccalaureate student. I decided that I wanted to further my education and earn a higher degree, one that would not only make me a more desirable applicant for dental school admission, but that would also help me once I became a dental student. Choosing the OHS program at BU was a simple decision for me. It is, in my opinion, the best program of this kind because you take classes alongside first year dental students, gaining both an understanding of what to expect from dental school, and the experience of learning how to study for those classes, which is immensely important because it requires a different type of studying than for undergraduate courses. The environment at BU is extremely supportive for developing yourself as a student. Not only is Dr. Davies a wonderful professor, she is the most supportive advisor anyone could ask for, truly caring about each student in the program. The program provides opportunities to meet new people, with very different backgrounds, and make new friendships while reinforcing the ultimate goal of entering the dental profession. I was accepted to multiple dental schools and completed the program following the one-year timeline. Upon completing my first semester of dental school, I was able to realize exactly how crucial my time at BU in the OHS program was to my success and preparedness as a dental student. I could not recommend the program more, and could not be more appreciative of the education I got as a student at BU.

Ross: New York University College of Dentistry – Class of 2016

NYU Dental - Class of 2015Several factors led me to select the Boston University OHS program for my Masters education. It was important to me to have a small, science intensive academic experience, both of which OHS offered. However, I was especially drawn to the integration with first year dental school courses as well as students, which I thought would be an excellent prelude to pursuing a dental career. The guidance afforded me by both the professors and faculty were additionally key in helping me create a strong dental school application. After completing the program, I can say that I had made the correct decision. The OHS program gave me the skills and the background necessary to succeed in my current academic environment in dental school. I believe that this type of focused dental education in a Masters program is the greatest strength of OHS.

Ramiz: Western University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine, Class of 2015

Mogannam.crop_2-440x636 In total I applied to dental school three times: originally as a student at UC Davis and later as a part time student at San Francisco State University. Every application cycle I was taking more classes and doing well with each class. Yet, I was not getting interview invitations. The hardest thing for me was getting those rejection letters over and over again. I knew I had to change something. I was so lucky to be accepted into the BU OHS program. To this day, I am thankful for all the experiences that come from my time at BU. It made my first two years in dental school significantly less painful. There is no better way to prepare for dental school than to actually take classes with the dental students! The advisers are amazing. And the dental school is very well respected. This program is an amazing stepping stone to get you into dental school!

Ruth: Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry – Class of 2016

Simeon1-e1369333980106-150x150I am a first-generation college student. Enrolling in OHS has given me the dental school experience post undergrad. The program has given me a stronger background in the sciences and has prepared me for a more condensed curriculum in dental school. OHS helped me acquire critical study skills necessary for dental school, through academic support of the professors and fellow classmates. Everyone here is very dedicated to ensuring a student’s success. I am primed for the upcoming challenging curriculum of dental school. I will be enrolling in the D.D.S. program at Meharry School of Dentistry in Fall 2013. I aspire to have a career in dental public health, addressing the oral health disparities in the lower socioeconomic and disadvantaged population.

Alex: Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine – Class of 2017:

Nguyen-e1369334522988-150x150 (1)
I was an older student who had worked for several years after college, before deciding to pursue dental school. Due to a weaker undergraduate GPA and having been out of school for awhile, I chose the GMS – OHS program because it could provide me with a rigorous academic curriculum which could show dental schools that I was a competitive applicant. In addition, the accommodating BU faculty provided a great deal of support and guidance that helped me gain admissions to dental school. Finally, as a non traditional dental school applicant, the two year OHS track helped me transition back into an academic environment, as well as providing me library research experience, which helped secure a job in the dental public health field during my gap year.

 Jae:  Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine – Class of 2016:

Kwak-e1369334883617-143x150Immediately after graduating from the University of Michigan, I entered the OHS program choosing to do the one-year track. The opportunity to take classes with current dental students at Goldman School of Dental Medicine appealed to me. In addition, the rigorous curriculum allowed me to demonstrate my ability to succeed in dental school courses. I believe I made the best choice because OHS was the perfect transition for my gap year between my undergraduate studies and dental school.