Capstone Information

The 15 page Capstone project is a culminating experience whereby students choose to research a topic that is relevant in the field of dentistry.  This project is overseen by a faculty mentor, who has expertise in the topic chosen, either at the School of Medicine or the Goldman School of Dental Medicine. The project will be completed over the summer, will be graded as Pass/Fail, and is designed for students completing the MS in 12 months.

The topic chosen is open ended  but should be a reasonable scope keeping in mind the length required length.  The topic must be approved by your Capstone mentor.  Following  topic approval the Capstone form must be submitted.

The paper should  provide a thorough review of the field chosen.  The format of the paper should include  the background needed to understand the topic followed by  a presentation of published results.  A discussion should follow with your personal insights.

  • Submission of Capstone Form by May 1st.
  • Page length: 15 pages (including title page but not including the citations).
  • Reference:  A minimum of 15  peer-reviewed references  should be utilized.
  • Due date for submission of the final paper is 2-4 weeks before general thesis deadline (~July 15, Dec 1, April 1).
  • Grade of Pass/Fail will be posted in Sept (or Jan or May depending on your program completion date).

All Capstone papers are required to contain a comprehensive literature review of the field they have chosen followed by discussion where you share your thoughts and personal insights on the topic.  Topics can range from almost any field related to dentistry such as:

  • Community or public health dentistry
  • Dental Disparities (US or abroad)
  • Hot topics in dentistry (stem cell research, teeth whitening, fluoridation)
  • Current clinical approaches / practices

  1. Title page (Capstone Title, Name, Graduation date  (September 20##, January 20## or May 20##)
  2. Abstract  (as part of title page (not to exceed 300 words, single spaced) – Brief summary of the paper
  3. Literature Review  (1-12 pages)
    1. What is the topic?
    2. Why is it important (justification)?
    3. What has  been done on the topic? (summarize the published knowledge)
  4. Discussion (including your personal insights) (3-5 pages)
    1. Is there a consensus on the topic?
    2. What are the strengths and weaknesses or the studies presented? Are there gaps or trends in the conclusions?
    3. How do the results contribute to the greater body of knowledge? Do you have future direction recommendations?
  5. References (APA style)

Specific Formatting Guidelines

  • Minimum length of 15 pages (excluding Title & abstract page and references)
  • Must include at least 15 citations
  • Document should be double spaced (except for abstract on title page)
  • Margins : 1.5” (top/left) and 1” (right and bottom)
  • Font: Arial or Times