MD/PhD Student Seminar Series

The MD/PhD program would like to invite you to a new Thursday Seminar Series: All the things you can’t learn doing experiments – scientific careers and beyond. One Thursday every month from 5:00PM-6:00PM we will bring in speakers from the greater Boston area who have a range of experience; from starting/having successful labs to starting their own biotech/pharma companies to advising these companies. Greater Boston is one of the most highly ranked areas in the US in terms of biotech, pharmacology and life sciences research – so take advantage of these seminars to maximize your career potential. You will be learning from the best in the business.

Date (Thursday) Presenter Location
9/11/14 Dr. Joseph Loscalzo 650 Albany St. X-715
10/16/14 Dr. Philip Dormitzer 650 Albany St. X-715
11/13/14 Cancelled 650 Albany St. X-715
12/4/14 TBD 650 Albany St. X-715