MD/PhD Student Seminar Series

One Thursday each month, the MD/PhD student government organizes a seminar series of speakers from the greater Boston area who have a range of experience; from residents and fellows still in their medical training, to junior faculty starting/having successful labs, to figures in industry and biotech entrepreneurs.. Greater Boston is truly a global hub for the medical field, life sciences, research, biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industry, and we seek to recruit speakers with a broad range of perspectives across these fields.

Coming soon! 

Date (Thursday) Presenter Location
10/20/16 Dean Karen Antman  L-212
11/10/16 Dr. Alan Fine 650 Albany St. X-715
12/1/16 Dr. Karen Symes L-110
03/23/17 Dr. Linda Hyman 650 Albany St. X-715
04/27/17 Dr. Susan Dymecki Wilkins Board Room









Date (Thursday) Presenter Location
2/19/15 Dr. Borkan and Dr. Lowe 650 Albany St. X-715
4/9/15 Dr. Lee Kaplan 650 Albany St. X-715
5/14/15 Dr. Timothy Lu 650 Albany St. X-715
9/10/15 Dr. Vasan Ramachandran 650 Albany St. X-715