Our Philosophy

The MD/PhD Combined Degree Program at Boston University School of Medicine is structured to train medical-scientists for productive careers in the twenty-first century.  Our philosophy views the clinical encounter between student and patient as central for creating a personal sense of responsibility for others that motivates curiosity and drives questions that can be best explored by science.  Therefore, we place a purposeful premium on both clinical and scientific training that encourages each student to find their passionate niche.  Our highly-personalized environment creates medical-scientists with the capacity to ask a clinically-relevant question, explore it in their laboratory, and translate new knowledge gained into pragmatic clinical practice that benefits others and advances our understanding.

Our Approach

We provide opportunities for integrated basic and clinical training at each point in the MD/PhD Combined Degree Program. Students in the pre-clinical basic sciences attend specially tailored classes designed exclusively for our MD/PhD students (Introduction to Clinical Problems, (IP) 1 and 2 during M1 and M2 years) that foster community and challenge our students to design research programs based on actual clinical cases. Students in their graduate years shadow attending clinical reasoning seminars, are assigned to an individual resident mentor, and learn to integrate laboratory and clinical work with their unique research interests.

Our Goal

A Medical-Scientist is a leader capable of forming a vital link between cutting edge biomedical science and clinical practice.  We strive to support, challenge and generate leaders to build an integrated community between cutting edge biomedical research and sound clinical practice.

Throughout this experience, students in the program attend scientific and social events designed to identify ideal mentors that foster their professional development, and promote their strong leadership skills.