M.D./Ph.D. Admissions

Applications and instructions for submission of complete credentials for the MD/PhD Combined Program are available from the Boston University School of Medicine, Office of Admissions, 72 East Concord St., Building L, Room 124, Boston, MA 02118. Applicants applying as first-year students will submit AMCAS applications, indicating application to the MD/PhD Combined Degree Program. These applicants are initially screened for their admissibility to the School of Medicine using the same criteria for admission as for students applying only to the School of Medicine. After determination of acceptability for admission to the School of Medicine, the application for the MD/PhD program will be submitted to the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences for processing through the normal channels for admission to the Division. Students must also meet all the GMS admission requirements.

Please refer to individual departments for specific departmental admissions requirements.


The applicant must meet the requirements for admission to both the School of Medicine as a candidate for the MD degree, and the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences as a candidate for the PhD degree. The minimum entrance requirements and the prerequisite courses for the School of Medicine are the same as those for the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences. Applicants for the MD/PhD Degree Program will be required to submit only the results of the Medical College Admission Test and not those of the Graduate Record Examination, which are normally required for admission to the Division. Applicants must also have carried out research during their undergraduate programs or have other research experience.

It is anticipated that most applicants will apply for admission to the program as first-year students, but applications will be accepted from students who are already enrolled in the School of Medicine at any time before November 1 of the second year of their MD studies. Students actively enrolled in a PhD program of the School of Medicine are not eligible for the MD/PhD program.

If you have any question after exploring our website, please contact Amy Gartland, Administrative Coordinator for the MD/PhD Program. The MD/PhD Program can be reached by phone at (617) 638-5255, by fax at (617) 638-5740, or by email at: argartla@bu.edu.

Boston University School of Medicine
Division Of Graduate Medical Sciences
72 East Concord Street, L317
Boston, Massachusetts 02118, USA