Student Accomplishments

We are extremely proud of our students’ many accomplishments, including numerous awards from the NIH and private funding agencies, presentations and national and international meetings, first author publications in high impact journals, and election to honor societies such as Alpha Omega Alpha.

  • Marc Vittoria, G4, NIH F30
  • Nisma Mujahid, ’19, Canadian Institutes of Health Research Doctoral Foreign Study Award, Gold Humanism Honor Society
  • Jacob Kantrowitz, ’19, Gold Humanism Honor Society
  • Leon Sun, G4, NIH F30
  • Alissa Frame, M3, NIH F31, Best Poster Award at American Heart Meeting on Hypertension
  • Terry Hsieh, ’18, Alpha Omega Alpha, Travel Award from the Shock Society,Gold Humanism Honor Society
  • Anjali Jacob, ’19, NIH F31, Jo Rae Wright Young Investigator of the Year, FASEB meeting – best trainee oral presentation, First Author Paper in Cell Stem Cell, Alpha Omega Alpha
  • YoonJoo Lee, G4, NIH F30, Travel Award from American Society for Cell Biology
  • Will Li, G4Autism Science Foundation – Predoctoral Fellowship
  • Sanghee Lim, M3Medical Student Grants Targeting Melanoma and Skin Cancer Research,Melanoma Research Foundation Medical Student Research Grant
  • Melody Lun, ’18,  Society for Neuroscience Trainee Professional Development Award
  • Ryan Quinton, G4Canadian Institutes of Health Research Doctoral Foreign Study Award, Jean McPhail Award
  •  Stephanie Pavlovich’s M4 new Cell Paper can be found here