Conference Support Opportunities

MD/PhD Students have the option of attending  conferences targeted specifically for students in MSTP and MD/PhD Combined Degree Programs.

These include APSA (April) and Keystone MD/PhD Student Conference (July).  Please contact Lynese Wallace for additional information.

Additional Conference Support Opportunities

MD/PhD students in the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences are eligible to apply for Division of Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS) Travel Awards.  These awards are made to help financially support graduate students who are giving a presentation or presenting a poster at a scientific meeting. MD/PhD students who are enrolled in the medical school can receive financial support from SCOMSA.

GMS Travel Award Applications Travel Award Application should be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to departure to Francisco Patiño in room L309. Associate Provost Hyman will then review requests. Acceptance of a GMS Travel Award is contingent upon agreeing to and submitting a 2-3 paragraph summary of your participation at this meeting to be published on the GMS website and/or GMS newsletter. This summary should be e-mailed to  Ms. Kayleigh Klegraefe within two weeks of return from the meeting.