MAMS Specialization Options: Concentrations and Dual Degrees

Although the M.S. in Medical Sciences (MAMS) degree will provide students with the background essential to pursue a variety of careers in the health professions, there are several opportunities to specialize in related fields.

You can take advantage of these opportunities by completing a concentration in one of three disciplines, Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine, Clinical Investigation or Nutrition or by pursing a dual degree through a combined M.S. in Medical Sciences/M.S. in Clinical Investigation or M.S. in Medical Sciences/ M.A. in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program.

Applicants may apply for the Dual Degree Programs for MAMS/Clinical Investigation or MAMS/Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine using a single application.  Applicants interested in pursuing a concentration, should contact the appropriate Program Director during Orientation in September.