Full-Time, Part-Time and Non-Degree Options

The MSCI program can be completed on either a part-time or full-time basis depending on your goal.

Most of the courses take place in the late afternoons or early evenings to account for those who work during the day.


The program is designed so that a full-time student completes his/her coursework in 4 semesters (including Summer Sessions I & II).  Practicum and thesis components of the program should begin near completion of the coursework and the time frame for finishing them will be determined on a student-by-student basis by the program director or assistant director.

A full-time student is enrolled in 12-18 credits per academic semester (Fall and Spring).  The full-time tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year is $47,422.00/year ($23,711.00/semester).


Part-time students must register for at least 4 but not more than 11 credits each academic semester until all course requirements are fulfilled. The part-time tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year (Fall and Spring) is $1,482.00 per credit hour

Non-Degree Option

A number of individuals who are uncertain as to whether they want to enroll in the program have the option of taking a one or two of the MSCI courses as a non-degree student, and may then make their decision about completing the MSCI application process. We allow the transfer toward the MSCI degree of up to 2 MSCI courses taken as a non-degree student.  Applicants must submit a copy of the Application for Admission, indicating the specific objectives of the studies/courses sought.  In addition, the applicant must submit [with the application] the nonrefundable application fee.

Non-Degree Costs:    $1,482.00 per credit hour;  plus a $60 Program fee; plus a $95 Application fee.

Non-degree applicants are not eligible for University sources of financial aid or aid that requires matriculation in a degree program.

Non-Degree Application Process

If you are interested in taking a course as a non-degree student, please complete the online application for admission.