Thesis, Practicum, and Directed Study

Use the following sections to learn more about expectations for completing these parts of your degree.

Students in the MSCI program are required to complete a research thesis that provides a culminating experience and applies the principles and methods learned in the coursework to a real-life clinical study.

The goal of the thesis component is to demonstrate the student’s understanding of the clinical research process from both a theoretical and a practical point of view.  Students conduct their thesis research in wide variety of settings, including academic medical centers and local drug or device companies. Learn more here.

The goal of the practicum experience is to provide with the student hands-on exposure to clinical research. The student will work with a research mentor and will be actively involved in the development, execution, and evaluation of a clinical research project or project(s). Get more information here.

Directed study provides the opportunity for students to explore a special topic of interest under the direction of a MSCI faculty member. Students may register for 2 credits of directed study by submitting a paper registration form, after the MSCI faculty member has agreed to work with the student on a specific project. Directed studies with a non-MSCI faculty member or adjunct member must first be approved by and assigned to the Director of MSCI as Faculty Sponsor. You can learn more about Directed Studies here.