Why Choose MACCP @ BU: Top 10 Reasons

Orange Band-Lower Section

10. Listen and learn about the meanings people find in, and assign to, their experiences of sickness, healing and health.

9.  Cross intellectual, disciplinary and cultural boundaries and be transformed by the process—tap the resources of a leading research university.

8.  Integrate medical anthropology theory, analysis, and policy with engaged compassion.

7.  Study human problems of suffering that pose intellectual and social challenges.

6.  Build deep connections with underserved communities, and communities of New Americans, and experience globalization at home.

5.  Reach people not only as an academic, but also as an activist and ally.

4.  Prepare for professional, academic, clinical, or advocacy work in the US or internationally. All of our graduates have either found jobs or gone on to doctoral-level training directly related to their training.

3.  Share your academic commitments with a cohort of like-minded students.

2.  Attend one of the only Medical Anthropology programs in the country based in a School of Medicine, with an affiliated teaching hospital–your degree is awarded by the School of Medicine.

1.  Customize your program to meet your personal career goals, with dedicated advisers and resources of a world-class university.

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