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Dean, Division of Graduate Medical Sciences and Program Co-Director
Linda Hyman, PhD

Program Director
Linda L. Barnes, PhD, MTS, MA

Program Assistant Director
Lance Laird, ThD, MDiv


Program Advisory Board

Linda L. Barnes, PhD, MTS, MA, Co-Chair (Family Medicine and Division of Graduate Religious Studies)
Linda Hyman, PhD Associate Provost of BUSM and Dean of the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences
Lance D. Laird, ThD (Family Medicine and Division of Graduate Religious Studies, B.U.)
Robert Weller, PhD (Anthropology Department, B.U.)
Lois McCloskey, DrPH (B.U. School of Public Health)
Barbara Bokhour, PhD (B.U. School of Public Health)
Lisa Messersmith, PhD (B.U. School of Public Health)

Other Affiliated Faculty

Anthony Petro, PhD (Religion Department, B.U.)
Merav Shohet, PhD (Anthrology Department, B.U.)


The program draws, first, on the expertise of its core faculty (Barnes, Laird, and Ostrach), who work on a range of theoretical, ethnographic, and applied initiatives. Second, we build on  strong relationships between our faculty, and program directors and faculty in the School of Public Health, and in the Charles River Campus Departments of Religion, Anthropology, and Sociology. We work closely, as well, with the Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and the Premedical Studies and Prehealth Programs at BU. We are in the process of furthering connections with the School of Management.

Each entering student is assigned a major adviser from within MACCP, who  helps them design a program tailored to their intellectual, personal, and professional goals, and continues to advise them throughout their two-year program. The adviser assists the student in locating additional mentors specializing in the student’s research interests and career goals. By the end of the second semester, students are expected to select a third reader, whose expertise is directly related to the student’s research focus, and who will serve on their thesis committee.

Core Faculty


Linda L. Barnes,  M.T.S., M.A., Ph.D

Director of MACCP, Professor of Family Medicine, BUSM, and Division of Graduate Religious Studies, BU   617.414.4534   Bio & CV

Lance D. Laird, M.Div, Th.D

Assistant Director of MACCP,  Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, BUSM, and Division of Graduate Religious Studies, BU   617.414.3660   Bio & CV

For an interview with Drs. Barnes and Laird, see this GMS Spotlight on Faculty.

OstrachBayla Ostrach, M.A., Ph.D

Director of MACCP Internship Program, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, BUSM  Bio & CV


In Memoriam of Diane Weiner

Diane WeinerDiane E. Weiner M.A., Ph.D. (d. June 14, 2013)

Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, BUSM

Dr. Weiner pioneered the ethnographic study of chronic illness and palliative care in Native Americans of southern California. Her work was highly detailed, describing the complex interactions between meanings, history and health practices of southern California tribes with whom she worked. More importantly, she was committed to an anthropology that engaged closely with the community.
She passed away on June 14, 2013, after suffering a stroke.
Dr. Weiner taught in the MACCP program from 2011 to 2013. Her unexpected passing was a great loss to our program. (For full obituary, click here.)

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