Genetic Counseling Capstone Projects


What Factors go into a Woman’s Decision to Pursue Preimplantation Genetic Screening? The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Decision-Making
by Sarah Cochrane

Genetic Literacy in Sickle Cell Disease: Assessing the genetics knowledge of young adults with sickle cell disease
by Casie Genetti

Education of Children with Sanfilippo Syndrome: Identification of needs, challenges, and services required for children with Sanfilippo syndrome by their parents
by Lauren Gotsell

Evaluating Current Practice and Opinions in Carrier Screening for Multi-Ethnic Couples
by Alex Ing

Recontacting Patients in the Age of Panel Testing: Cancer genetic counselors’ practice and perspective
by Amy Mueller

Genetic Counselors’ Current Practices, Challenges, and Needs for Support with Clinical Exome and Genome Sequencing
by Kelsey Newell

The Diagnostic Utility of Exome Sequencing for Patients with Ataxias and Paraplegias
by Erika Palmaer

Approach to Family Planning Among Siblings of Individuals with an Undiagnosed Genetic Condition
by Hillary Porter


Exploring parental perspectives on the return of genomic results for children enrolled in a pediatric genetic biorepository
by Phil Connors
*Poster presentation at the 2014 NSGC conference

Emerging Genetic Counselor Roles within the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries: As industry interest grows in rare genetic disorders, how are genetic counselors joining the discussion?
by Tessa Field
*Concurrent paper presentation at the 2014 NSGC conference

Confirmed Versus Suspected: The Social Significance of a Genetic or Non-Genetic Diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease
by Elizabeth Krieg
*Poster presentation at the 2014 NSGC conference

An exploration of the correlation between anxiety and/or depression and relationship attachment in individuals with galactosemia
by Elizabeth Smith

Development of a pediatric oncology screening tool to identify individuals appropriate for genetics referral
by Shannon Stasi

Examining GIST Patients’ Understanding of Somatic Tumor Testing and Personalized Medicine
by Sam Stickevers
*Poster presentation at the 2014 NSGC conference

Unveiling gene-specific correlations and comparisons within Usher syndrome
by Sheila Sutti

Exploring Fathers’ Roles and Experiences with Dissemination of Sexual Health Information to their Children with Down syndrome
by Lilly Torrey
*Poster presentation at the 2014 NSGC conference



Diagnoses Across Borders: Experiences Communicating Cancer Diagnoses Amongst U.S. Latino Transnational Families
by Nadine Channaoui
*Poster presentation at the 2013 NSGC conference

The caregiver’s experience: deciding what, when, and how much to tell an individual with Williams syndrome
by Lindsay Conant

Pedigree Analysis as a Tool for Determination of Gender Ratio Bias in GnRH Deficiency
by Marie Discenza

Exploring Barriers to Payor Utilization of Genetic Counselors
by Nan Doyle
*Poster presentation at the 2013 NSGC conference

Families’ Perspectives of the Effectiveness of a Video Social Story as an Introduction to the Fragile X Program at Boston Children’s Hospital
by Laura Fisher

Exploring Perspectives on Equine-Assisted Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
by Carmelina Heydrich

Exploring the influence of religiosity and spirituality on baseline risk perception, ability to cope with adverse genetic testing results, and the impact on mental health following genetic risk disclosure for Alzheimer’s disease in the REVEAL Study
by Erica Vaccari
*Poster presentation at the 2013 NSGC conference


Characterizing Mixed Pedigrees in Families with Normosmic Isolated Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism (nIHH) and Kallmann Syndrome (KS)
by Tabitha Abrazinski

Pregnancy using oocyte donation in women with Turner syndrome: A survey of ART providers to examine the risk for aortic dissection
by Laurel Calderwood

An Investigation of the Clinical Care Practices of Neurofibromatosis type I in North America
by Kristin Levandoski

Genetic Counselors’ Laboratory Experiences: Perspectives of Recent Graduates
by Andrea Muirhead
*Poster presentation at the 2012 NSGC conference

Phenotypic evaluation and natural history of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type (EDS-HT)
by Natalie Vena

Recontact Upon Reclassification of Previously Identified Variants of Unknown Significance – Assessing Current Practices and Challenges Facing Diagnostic Laboratories
by Jenn Walsh
*Poster presentation at the 2012 NSGC conference

Molecular Diagnosis of Fragile X syndrome: An exploration of current practices and future directions
by Shana White



A Qualitative Evaluation of Providers’ Perspectives on Current Tools Used to Assess Adults with Down Syndrome Presenting with Cognitive Decline
by Laura Benedict

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use among Patients with Mitochondrial Disorders
by Laura Fuerstman

Case Identification of Under-Diagnosed Monogenic Disease within a Large Clinical Database
by Erin Hoffman

Case Identification of Under-Diagnosed Monogenic Disease within a Large Clinical Database
by Kat Lafferty

Exploring Parental Attitudes about Behaviors in their Children with Fragile X Syndrome
by Meg Sheehan

The Clinical Doctorate in Genetic Counseling: Assessing the Attitudes and Preferences of Program Directors
by AJ Stuenkel
*Concurrent paper presentation at the 2011 NSGC conference; Published in the Journal of Genetic Counseling

Exploring Characteristics of Individuals Who Decline Genetic Testing and Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Assessment After Education: The REVEAL Study
by Diana Toledo
*Concurrent paper presentation at the 2011 NSGC conference


Preconceptions of Conception: The reported expectations and experiences of individuals pursuing preimplantation genetic diagnosis
by Katharine Coles
*Poster presentation at the 2010 NSGC conference

Effects of Methadone Use on Maternal Serum Screening
by Jocelyn Davie
*Poster presentation at the 2010 NSGC conference

Methods for Developing a New Genetic Counseling Position in a Specialty Clinic
by Jennifer Hardt

*Poster presentation at the 2010 NSGC conference

Assessing Quantitative and Qualitative Health Care Costs Associated with Marfan Syndrome
by Jilliane Miller

A Comparison of Genetic Counseling Processes for Fetal Corpus Callosal Anomalies Among Prenatal Service Locations
by Mari Morse
*Poster presentation at the 2010 NSGC conference

Prenatal Genetic Counseling and Second Trimester Maternal Serum Screening: Experiences of Genetic Service Providers in India
by Kunal Sanghavi

An Evaluation of Parents’ Experience with Expanded Genetic Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorders
by Erin Thorpe
*Poster presentation at the 2010 NSGC conference


Genetic Counselors’ Perspectives on Disability Training and Experience
by Emily Brown
*Poster presentation at the 2009 NSGC conference

How Do Personal Relationships with Other Individuals with Treacher Collins Syndrome Affect a Patient’s Self-Image?
by Meghan Connolly

A Survey of Prenatal Genetic Counselors’ Knowledge, Experience, and Role in Perinatal Hospice
by Jennifer Dick
*Poster presentation at the 2009 NSGC conference


Perceptions of Severe Mental Illness Compared to Other Common Complex Disorders among Family Members of Affected Individuals
by Denise Lautenbach
*Poster presentation at the 2009 NSGC conference; Published in the Journal of Genetic Counseling

Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy: Parental Knowledge and Perspectives on Genetic Counseling
by Molly McGinniss

*Concurrent paper presentation at the 2009 NSGC conference

Availability, density, and accessibility of genetic counseling services
by Ian Wallace
*Poster presentation at the 2009 NSGC conference


Assessing the Interest in Genetic Counseling within the Adoption Community
by Leann Bartomioli
*Poster presentation at the 2008 NSGC conference

Development and Validation of a Genetic Counseling Teaching Aid for Mitochondrial Disorders
by Monica Dandapani

Living with Costello Syndrome: Quality of Life Issues in Older Individuals
by Beth Hopkins
*Poster presentation at the 2008 ASHG conference; published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics

Educating Children with a Metabolic Condition: What and When Do Parents Want Their Children to Know about a Gaucher Diagnosis?
by Lindsay Paull

Patients’ Viewpoints Surrounding Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
by Tara Sousa
*Poster presentation at the 2008 NSGC conference


Interpreters: How often and why do they change what a genetic counselor says?
by Samantha Baxter

An Evaluation of the Utility of First Trimester Screening at Boston Medical Center: The Influences of Demographic Factors on Subsequent Uptake of Invasive Testing
by Christina Choi

NSGC Poster - Amy Lovelette Assessing Patient Knowledge and Satisfaction Regarding Pregnancy Screening and Testing Education
by Amy Lovelette
*Poster presentation at the 2007 NSGC conference

Genetic counselors’ experiences with presenting adoption after a prenatally diagnosed fetal abnormality
by Chandra Oksala
*Poster presentation at the 2007 NSGC conference

Parental expectations and satisfaction with service from a referral to genetic counseling and a genetic evaluation: a study of Hispanic parents
by Anya Revah