MA & MS Summer 2013 Registration

General Instructions

  • Prior to registering for classes, students must meet with their Advisor/Program Director to discuss course selection for on-line registration. Some GMS courses are restricted from on-line registration. For these courses, students will need to submit a Registration Form which requires both the instructor and advisor signatures.
  • A complete listing of all GMS courses can be accessed through Student Link.
  • Official registration and payment dates are posted.
  • All registration forms can be found on below or the Current Student Forms page.
  • Students may NOT register or audit courses in other colleges at the University.

Important Links and Forms

Register for Summer 2013 courses through Student Link.

On-Line Registration Procedures

To register online, students log into Student Link with their BU login name, Kerberos password and Academic Advising Access code.

  • Meet with your advisor to discuss course selection and obtain your Academic Advising Access code for on-line registration
  • Obtain signatures on the Certified Full Time (CFT) Form, if applicable
  • After registration is complete, verify your schedule on Student Link as well as on Blackboard.
  • Full‐time candidates may not register for more than 18 credits without written permission from the program director and academic advisor. If granted permission, full‐time tuition charges will apply plus $1,325 per credit for each credit above 18 credits.

Additional Information

International Students: Please visit the ISSO site for additional information.

Completion of Graduate Study: All students in graduate study in the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences must register for four semesters to complete their degree with the last two semesters consecutive. All final documents, including the thesis (if applicable) must be submitted during the last registered semester according to the deadlines on the graduation calendar and will not be accepted unless all other coursework and requirements of the specific degree have been completed.

Continuing Students with Courses: Students continuing in a program but who are not registered for a full-time course load due to the completion of other degree requirements, such as thesis work, must follow the registration guidelines above and first meet with their advisor/program director to discuss course selection for on-line registration. A Certified Full-Time (CFT) Form must be submitted if registering for less than twelve credits of course work. This form must be signed by the student’s advisor and submitted as a hard copy to the GMS Registrar, L309. Students should indicate the type of independent work to be completed during the semester. Please note that specific details of objectives are required or the request may be denied. Visa regulations require that most International students maintain full-time status either by course registration or by certification.

Continuing Students without Courses: All students who are no longer taking coursework and are working on their thesis, or other degree requirements, must register as a continuing student. Any student registered for continuing full-time status (Summer I – GMS MS 985 A1 or Summer II – GMS MS 986 B1) must submit the Certified Full-Time (CFT) Form only for registration. No additional registration forms are required. Students should indicate the type of independent work to be complete during the semester. Please note that specific details of objectives are required or the request may be denied. Continuing student fees will apply.

Continuing Students Part-Time without Courses: All part-time continuing students may register on-line for the course (Summer I – GMS MS 983 A1 or Summer II – GMS MS 984 B1 ).

Class Adjustment (Add/Drop) Guidelines: The Class Adjustment Form should be used to add or drop a class. Pay close attention to the drop/add deadlines.

Adding a Course:

  • Students may add a course via on-line registration or with the Class Adjustment Form for Summer I through May 28, 2013 and summer II through July 8, 2013. Some GMS courses are restricted for on-line registration. For these courses, students must submit Class Adjustment Form with instructor and advisor signatures.

Dropping a Course(s):

  • Students may drop a course via on-line registration following approval of their advisor without academic penalty or a “W” grade for standard courses (Summer I by May 28, 2013 and Summer II by July 8, 2013).
  • Students who choose to drop a course after the designated after the designated drop deadline must obtain both the instructor and advisor signatures and complete the Class Adjustment Form. Students will receive a “W” grade on their transcript.  Drop without a “W” grade by June 13, 2013 for Summer I and July 25, 2013 for Summer II.  After the deadlines students may not drop standard courses.
  • To add or drop a non‐standard course students should use the Student Link to view pertinent add/drop deadlines because non‐standard classes have a customized drop schedule.
  • Students should recheck their student account as they add and drop classes after the payment deadline and then notify the GMS Registrar if their student status changes from part‐time (0‐11 credits) to full‐time (12‐18 credits) (or vice-versa) in order to have their certification code corrected. A revised scholarship voucher must be submitted to Ms. Sherill Ashe, Financial Aid Administrator (617-638-5216) in the GMS office, L317.

Address Change, Payment, Billing and Health Insurance

Financial Aid Vouchers, Fellowships, Scholarships and Deadlines: Students must obtain financial aid vouchers from their department or program before the payment deadline. These vouchers should be submitted to the Financial Aid Administrator (L-317) prior to the start of each semester. If students have been awarded a fellowship, they must bring in a copy of the award or award renewal to the Financial Aid Administrator (L-317) as soon as possible to establish their financial aid awards.

Financing Options: If additional loans are necessary, it is important to register and apply early. Please visit the GMS website for financing options, downloads & other information.

Payment & Payment Deadlines: All students must be registered and have settled their account prior to the 1st day of each summer term to avoid late fees. Payments should be made to Boston University and can be sent to Student Accounting Services, 881 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215. Payment options are available at Student Accounting Services. All students are expected to use the Student Account Inquiry function on the Student Link to check the balance due on their student account.

E-mail Communications: All important GMS communications are e-mailed to the student’s BU e-mail account. It is important that students check their BU e-mail regularly. For those student’s who wish to have their e-mail forwarded from their BU account to a different account, please be sure the e-mail forwarding is functioning correctly.

Address Changes/Forwarding Address: Students may change their address in Student Link. They must also notify the GMS Registrar in writing or via email of any address changes.

Withdrawing or Taking a Leave of Absence from the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences:

A student Withdraws from a program when they officially drop ALL courses taken during the current semester and leave their program of study prior to completion of their degree.

A student requests a Leave of Absence (LOA) to take a period of time off prior to resuming and completing their program.

Students should discuss their situation with their advisor/program director and submit the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form to the GMS Registrar. Students must return within one year of requesting a LOA to be reinstated without reapplying. Additional expansion of the rules governing leave of absences and withdrawal can be found here. Please follow the refund calendar for key dates.


Boston University does not permit a student to enroll simultaneously in more than one graduate program either within Boston University or at another institution, unless those programs have been previously approved by the Trustees of Boston University as a combined degree program.