Registration Directions

Spring 2015: January 20, 2014 – May 9, 2015

Summer Session I: May 20 – June 27, 2014

Summer Session II: June 30 – August 8, 2014

Fall 2014:  September 2, 2014 -December 29, 2014

Summer 2014 Registration information:

Active students who have an active BU login account and Kerberos password can register for summer classes on the student link.  You do not need an academic advising code for summer registration,  but you are required to meet with your advisor before registering for classes.  Some GMS courses are restricted from on-line registration.   For these courses, students will need to submit a Registration form which requires both the instructor and advisor signature.

Continuing Study Part-Time status – no credits courses (GMS MS 983 OR GMS MS 984) are now available for on-line registration.

  • Students may NOT register for or audit courses in other colleges at the University.
  • Students may ADD a course on-line up to the official add deadline.
  • Students may DROP a course on-line up to the official drop deadline without a “W” grade. 

Academic Advising Access Codes for summer 2014 can be provided at the request of an advisor by emailing Millie Agosto with your request.


Fall semester registration:  All incoming students will be pre-registered for core courses by the Division office.  Registration will be finalized after meeting with their academic advisor during Orientation.

Spring/Fall semester registration: All continuing graduate students will be required to meet with their academic advisor and register via On-line Registration.

Full‐time students may not register for more than 18 credits of courses without written permission from their program director and academic advisor.  If granted this permission, they are assessed full‐time tuition plus $1,428 per credit for each credit above 18 credits.

Continuing Students

In order for the On-line Registration Academic Advising Access code to be matched to the correct advisor, program administrators should verify (either through Faculty Link or UIS) that the student record of your advisee or cohort of advisees accurately list the name of the advisor.

Academic Advising Access code are available to the assigned advisor via the Faculty Link – Advisee List.  Advisor will be responsible for meeting with students for registration, review student academic record and provide them with the Advising Access Code.   If there is more than one advisor, then the first name on the list will be matched to student’s Academic Advising Access code.

Active graduate degree students should register using On-line Registration.  Students may NOT register or audit courses in other colleges at the University, this excludes PhD students.  Some GMS courses are restricted for On-line Registration.   For these courses, student must submit a Registration Form or a Class Adjustment Form with Instructor and advisor signature.  All students are required to register continuously until completion of all degree requirements including submission of dissertation, thesis or other degree requirements.

Continuing Students Full-Time Without Courses: For registration of GMS MS 985 A1 (fall) or GMS MS 986 A1 (spring) students must submit the Full-Time Certification Form.  No registration form is required.  Tuition equivalent to two credits will be charged.  This form must be signed by the students advisor and submitted as a hard copy to the GMS office, L309.  Students should indicate the type of independent work to be complete during the semester.  Please note student must indicate specific details of their objectives or it may be denied.  Visa regulations require that most International students register as full–time students either by course registration or by certification.

Continuing Students Part-Time Without Courses: (Fall GMS MS 983 or Spring GMS MS 984) Students who are continuing students part-time can NOW register online.

Non-Degree Students may NOT register On-Line.  Registration form must be submitted with instructor and advisor signature to the GMS office.

Class Adjustment (Add/Drop): SPRING 2014

  • Students may ADD a course via On-line Registration up to the last day to add a class.   Some GMS courses are restricted for On-line registration.  For these courses, student must submit a Registration form or a Class Adjustment Form with instructor and advisor signature.
  • Students may DROP a course without a “W” grade up February 20, 2014 via on-line registration for standard courses.
  • Students choosing to drop a course after the “W” grade drop deadline must submit a Class Adjustment form with both the instructor (s) and advisor signatures.  A “W” grade will post on students transcript.   Drop date deadlines:  February 21 – March 28, 2014.
  • Non‐standard courses should use the Student Link to view pertinent add/drop deadlines because non‐standard classes have a customized drop schedule.
  • Students should notify their program director if they add and/or drop classes after the payment deadline in order for scholarship award adjustments to be revised.
  • Students should recheck their student account as they add and drop classes after the payment deadline and then notify the GMS Registrar  if status changes from part‐time (0‐11 credits) to full‐time (12‐18credits)  (or vice-versa) in order  to  have their certification code corrected.
  • A revised scholarship voucher must be submitted to Ms. Sherill Ashe, Financial Aid Administrator (617-638-5216) at the GMS office.
  • Students may NOT register or audit courses in other colleges at the University without advisor approval.

Payment deadline for FALL  2014 is August 4, 2014 to avoid late fees.

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