MA/MS Steering Committee Members


Karen Antman, MD – Provost BMC and Dean BUSM
Linda Hyman, PhD – Associate Provost GMS
Hee-Young Park, PhD – Assistant Dean GMS

Faculty and Program

Linda L Barnes – Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice
Stephen M Brady -Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine
Amy N Brodeur – Biomedical Forensic Sciences
Maryann Campion -Genetic Counseling
Robin W Cotton- Biomedical Forensic Sciences
Theresa A Davies -Oral Health Sciences
Janice Weinberg -Clinical Investigation
Maureen A Flynn -Genetic Counseling
Susan K Fried – Nutrition & Metabolism
Stacey Hess Pino- Clinical Investigation
Hernan Jara – Bioimaging
Tara L Moore – Forensic Anthropology
Mark Moss – Anatomy/ Neurobiology, Bioimaging, Behavioral Neuroscience, Vesalius Program
Gwynneth D Offner – Medical Sciences
Donald F Siwek -Forensic Anthropology
Mary Warner- Physician Assistant Program
Susan White- Physician Assistant Program
Kevin C Thomas – Healthcare Emergency Management