Forensic Entomology Option

The Forensic Anthropology program now offers students the opportunity to complete the Forensic Entomology option. Students will complete all requirements for the MS in Forensic Anthropology but in addition, will complete extensive coursework and research in Forensic Entomology. Students will be trained and supervised a leading forensic entomologist.

Completion Student in FE2of the Forensic Entomology Option will require an additional course work and thesis research in Forensic Entomology. Courses include:

– Forensic Entomology

– Research in Forensic Entomology

– Directed Studies in Forensic Entomology

Students in the Forensic Entomology Option will develop a thesis topic within the field of forensic entomology such as identifying insect populations by environment and how they are used to determine post-mortem interval. This program provides students the unique opportunity to conduct research projects and complete courses at our 32 acre Outdoor Research Facility.

Ian at Facility