Lisa Ganley-Leal

Research Fellow, Assistant Professor

  • Title Research Fellow, Assistant Professor
  • Office 650 Albany Street, Room 636
  • Phone 1-617-414-7234
  • Education Ph.D. – University of Connecticut Health Center ASM/NCID
    Postdoctoral Fellow – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Postdoctoral Fellow – BUMC

Research Fellow, Assistant Professor

Research Interests:
Human schistosomiasis caused by parasitic trematodes
Function of parasite-specific IgE are correlated with resistance to schistosomiasis, however, the functions of IgE remain elusive
B cell function in schistosomiasis
Understanding the role of CD23-bound IgE in generating protective immunity as well as the host-parasite interactions between CD23 and schistosomes
Understanding how Toll-like receptors mediate or regulate inherent inflammatory responses by B cells in chronic inflammatory diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, type 2 diabetes, and schistosomiasis

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The Ganley-Leal Lab

Programs and Departments:
BMC – EMF Infectious Diseases

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Infectious Disease

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