Erdjan Salih

Research Professor, Periodontology

  • Title Research Professor, Periodontology
  • Office 700 Albany St Ctr for Adv Biomed Res Boston MA 02118
  • Phone 617.638.2308
  • Education PhD, University of London

Research Professor, Periodontology

Research Interests:
Regulation of biomineralization and modulation of bone remodeling stages such as bone resorption and formation utilizing both cell culture and mouse calvarial bone organ culture systems
Development and use of novel chemistries for qualitative and quantitative determination of the precise phosphorylation sites and their topographical distribution on phosphoproteins using both N-terminal automated amino-acid sequencing
Application of the state-of-the-art MS instrumentations such as MALDI-TOF-MS/MS and LTQ-LC-ESI-MS/MS for large-scale proteome and phosphoproteome studies in general cell biology and bone biology
Development and use of novel three-dimensional cancer-bone metastasis model using ex-vivo mouse calvarial bone organ cultures

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Programs and Departments:
Department of Periodontology

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Oral Biology

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