Employment Opportunities, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid

The University participates in the Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Program. Graduate students receive their Direct loans through this program, which has the same loan limits, interest rates, and fees as the Federal Stafford Loan Program. Work-study and other financial aid opportunities are available through the financial aid office in Graduate Medical Sciences.

For the current academic year 2017-18, tuition at the Graduate School is $50,980 for the first year. The remaining credits in the second year are billed on a per credit basis, making the total cost of the BMFS program approximately $67,000. For more information, please contact the Biomedical Forensic Sciences Program at 617-638-1950 or bmfs@bu.edu.

Internal Awards and Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are available through the Biomedical Forensic Science program. Opportunities as teaching, laboratory and research assistants in the fields of forensic chemistry, DNA, biology and crime scene investigation and blood stain pattern analysis are available throughout the academic year. These positions are open to current and incoming BMFS students only. Click here to view the job descriptions.

Additionally, Provost Scholarships may be available to incoming students who have demonstrated outstanding academic conduct in their previous course of study. No application is required for this award.

The BMFS Program and the school of GMS recognizes the importance of sharing the work of graduate students with the broader scientific community. To this end, travel grants for students presenting at conferences are available through Graduate Medical Sciences and the Biomedical Forensic Sciences Program.

External Scholarships/Awards

Students should speak with their research advisors regarding external scholarships, awards and fellowships.

Currently Available Grants and Awards

ASTM International Graduate Scholarship awarded to students who have demonstrated high levels of interest in or involvement with ASTM standards

Boston University Women’s Guild Scholarships are available to women enrolled in a graduate studies at Boston University.

The NEAFS George W. Neighbor Jr. Memorial Scholarship, recognizing academic excellence in forensic science

The NEAFS Carol De Forest Student Research Grant

The FSFs (Forensic Science Foundations) Annual American Academy of Forensic Sciences Travel Grant, Acorn Research Grant and Jan S. Bashinski Grant

The IAI Johnson-Whyte Memorial Foundation Fund established for the purpose of promoting education and research in the disciplines of forensic identification

AFTE Scholarship awarded to students seeking a career in Forensic Science

Other Boston University Employment Opportunities

Boston University and Boston University School of Medicine employ hundreds of full-time and part-time technicians, technologists and assistants.  For part-time student employment, click here to visit the BU Job Board.  Click here to see current BU and BUSM employment opportunities and BU benefits for full-time employees!