GMS Class Profile – Fall 2013 Class

Applications and Enrollment

Program PhD MD/PhD MA/MS Total
Number of applicants 970 278 1267 1250
Number of Matriculants 35 6 322 41

Matriculant Statistics

* Please note that averages presented are representative of matriculants to all PhD and MA/MS programs. We complete a holistic review of all applications and are looking for well rounded students with a broad range of academic, research and extracurricular experiences.

  • Average GRE Score: 78% Verbal and 76% Quantitative*
  • Undergraduate GPA (4.0) scales: 3.53*
  • Year to Degree: 5.4 years
  • Male/Female ratio: 13M/22F
MA and MS
  • Average GRE Score: 65% Verbal and 58% Quantitative*
  • Average MCAT: 29.0*
  • Undergraduate GPA (4.0) scales: 3.31*
  • Male/Female ratio: 141M/181F


Number of U.S. States Represented 37
International Student Population 7%
U.S. Citizens & Permanent Residents 93%

Countries of Origin

Brazil Pakistan
Canada People’s Republic of China
Greece Republic of Korea
India Saudi Arabia
Iran Turkey
Kenya United Kingdom
Lebanon United States of America
Malaysia Venezuela

Top Feeder Schools

University of California University of Massachusetts
Boston University Mount Holyoke College
Boston College State University of New York
Johns Hopkins University Stonehill College
University of Florida