Women in Science Symposium at Tufts, March 19, 2018

The goal is to highlight the challenges facing women scientists in academia, biotech, and pharm, and to address ways to promote equal opportunities for women and men.  We will have four speakers followed by a panel discussion and a reception.

The speakers are:
– Nancy Hopkins, MIT – As first speaker, she will set the stage. The
title for her talk will be: Reflecting on the 1999 MIT Report on Women
in Science: /We’ve come a long way – but not far enough./

– Vicki Lundblad, Salk Institute – the problems still exist. Vicki and 2
other Salk faculty have recently filed gender discrimination lawsuits
against the Salk. She has agreed to talk about the situation there and
what she has experienced elsewhere.

– Joanne Kamens, Addgene – the subtle but pervasive problem of
implicit bias.  She has been very active in promoting discussions about
how to create an equal playing field and counteracting implicit bias,
and instituting changes at Addgene

– Nancy Gertner – retired federal Judge, who is author of the book “In
Defense of Women”and an ardent advocate for women’s rights and pay equity

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