Mass Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)

As you may be aware, the Mass DPH offers an on-line prescription monitoring program (“PMP”). This PMP allows providers to view controlled substance prescriptions filled at Massachusetts pharmacies. The application is very easy to fill out. You will need your Mass license, Federal DEA and Mass Controlled Substance numbers with expiration dates. The application process does require the application to be notarized

In order to use Online PMP, you must first apply and be credentialed.  Following that, your application is processed into the Virtual Gateway (VG), the secure internet portal of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. For more information how to use the VG, click here

The application can be found here.  Both those with preexisting VG accounts and first time applicants should complete, notarize, sign and return the application.  

Upon receipt of your application, the Drug Control Program (DCP) verifies your credentials.  Information from the application is then sent to the VG.  The VG will send an automated email with a username and temporary password to new applicants.

Once your PMP account has been established, you will receive an email verifying access to the system.  All users should wait to register until they receive this email to ensure that the Online PMP is available.  This email will include instructions on how to register with the VG and how to use Online PMP. 

The database includes prescription records for Schedule II drugs from the most recent 12 months.  Records for prescriptions in Schedules III-V have been reported since January 1, 2011.  There are no Schedule III-V records prior to that date.  In general, it takes approximately two to three weeks between the dispensing of a prescription and its inclusion in Online PMP.