Robert L. Sokolove, PhD


Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine & Psychiatry


Ph.D. – Boston University

General Field of Work:

Behavioral Medicine

Contact Information:


Section of General Internal Medicine

Crosstown 2, 801 Mass Ave, Boston, MA 02118

Phone: (617)-414 5098

Fax: (617)-414 7955


Behavioral Medicine, Smoking Cessation, Chronic Illness Management

Summary of academic interest:

1) Tailoring existing patient self management protocols to a public health population
2) Developing self management maintainance technologies for public health patients

Robert L. Sokolove, PhD is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine and oversees the Behavioral Medicine programming for BMC’s Primary Care Center, including clinics in the Behavioral Management of Hypertension, the Behavioral Management of Chronic Pain, Smoking Cessation, and Stress Reduction and Relaxation Training. Additionally, he provides Behavioral Sleep Medicine interventions for the Sleep Medicine Center, Behavioral Pain Management for the Pain Clinic, and Stress Reduction interventions in the Parkinson’s Disease Center, all within BMC’s Department of Neurology. Dr. Sokolove is also the clinician who provides pre-operative psychological assessment on all surgical candidates having Bariatric Surgery, Deep Brain Stimulation implants, or Dorsal Column Stimulation implants. He came to BMC specifically to start a Behavioral Medicine Program within the Department of Medicine after a 15 year career as a professor of psychology at Boston University. His current research interests focus on the use of relaxation training with homeless and other public health populations as a supplement to standard Behavioral Medicine protocols. He is Core Faculty in the Primary Care Resident Training Program and supervises psychology interns placed in Behavioral Medicine at BMC