Community Medicine Unit Programs

Community Medicine Unit

Joint Hire Program

This past year JHP provided continuing support for 15 physicians who together provided 44 clinical sessions. Through the JHP, Dr. Theresa Kim is providing 0.3 FTE sessions with McInnis Medical Group. The JHP continues to seek new methods for attracting highly qualified clinicians with creative teaching arrangements. The JHP has continued to expand opportunities for attending supervision for one month on the inpatient service at the Menino Pavilion. Overall, three physicians are providing a total of 16 weeks of service as Inpatient Ward Attending. The CMU continues to work actively with several Community Health Centers to coordinate recruitment efforts and facilitate JHP arrangements for highly qualified community-based clinician educators.

Community-Based Liaison – Network Development

The Unit Director continues to foster a strong working relationship with the leadership of the Boston HealthNet and represents the department at both its bi-monthly board of directors meeting as well as at its monthly medical directors. He has served as both a facilitator and advisor to both the Leadership of both the Boston HealthNet as well as the Section of General Internal Medicine on matters pertaining to community based internists including professionalism, CME, staffing, academic affiliation, hospital credentialing, resident education in the community settings, and common population-based research interests. Similarly, in collaboration with key individuals from the departments of Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynecology he has established a strong relationship with the Hospital Development Department and applied for several initiatives focused on obtaining foundation funding for both Information Technology as well as Quality Improvement activities supporting ongoing and new collaborative community-based initiatives. Through Dr. Shanahan’s involvement the department of Medicine and the section of General Internal Medicine both represented a prominent role in these collaborative activities. The CMU director maintains an ongoing dialogue with Medical Directors, Key Staff physicians and other Clinical Providers, and Important administrators at over 15 community-based sites. These relationships continue to provide a robust understanding of the current academic and practice environment across the Network regarding issues affecting community medicine, the Metro-Boston Community Health Center Movement, and Primary Care Internal Medicine in these settings.

Primary Care Residency Training Program

The Unit continues to work to strengthen its relationship with the Residency Training Program. The CMU’s Community-Based Faculty continue to be well represented at the Primary Care Program’s semi-annual Primary Care Dinners. The Community-Based Faculty attending these dinners provided valuable perspectives and advice on Professional Life of Community-Based Primary Care Physicians to the Resident. The unit serves as a resource for Primary Care residents who are considering general career decisions as well as those with a specific interest in the rich work opportunities available in the Boston HealthNet Community Health Center System. General Job counseling along with specific assistance with facilitating job placement within the Network has been provided in hour-long counseling sessions to approximately 6 residents in at various stages in their post-residency planning efforts.

Community-Based Research


Co-PI: Jane Liebschutz, MD, MPH
Co-PI: Karen Lasser, MD, MPH

To address prescription opioid misuse, the TOPCARE Study will develop and test a novel system to decrease misuse of and addiction to prescription opioids for patients with chronic pain. The intervention includes a nurse-managed registry for planning individual patient care within a larger population-based care approach for a population of patients receiving opioids for chronic pain. The project also provides online tools as well as to clinicians academic detailing and personalized information to improve their practice. Primary outcomes will be PCP adherence to chronic opioid therapy guidelines and opioid misuse among patients.


PI: Daniel Alford, MD, MPH

CTSI Community Engagement Advisory Board

Program Director: Tracy Battaglia, MD, MPH