Sahab Yaqubi, M.D.

Sahab Yaqubi
Post Doctoral Fellow, Genetics Program, BUSM

2004 M.D. National University of Iran, Tehran


My research interest focuses on the modulation of gene-environment interactions through DNA methylation in psychiatric disorders. I have been working on the role of epigenetic regulation of the Serotonin Receptor type-2(5HT2A) Promoter in Schizophrenia.

My further interest is in the genetic associated case-control study based on the finding in our clinical study. I have been working on a clinical study about the effect of Entacapone, a Cothecol-o-Methyl-Transferase (COMT) inhibitor drug, on substance dependency based on the hypothesis that the etiology of Reward (Dopamine) Deficiency Syndrome in substance abuse might be due to hyper activity of COMT leading to rapid Dopamine degradation in the synaptic cleft. This Dopamine deficiency could be more significant in specific part of Reward Pathway such as Ventral Tegmental Area, Nucleus Accumbance or Prefrontal cortex that may lead to addictive behaviors. Based on the preliminary results of ongoing studies, we have proposed a case-control genetic association study to investigate the role of Val158Met polymorphism of COMT gene on substance abstinence in individuals who take Entavapone. In fact, we are looking for treatment of substance dependency in patients based on their genetic and epigenetic profile providing individualized therapeutics in substance dependency.


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December 15, 2009
Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine