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Laboratory Health, Cooperation, and Duties

Health, courtesy and cooperation are essential components in a smoothly run and efficient lab. Please take note of all aspects in this powerpoint presentation and follow the procedures outlined to make our lab clean, healthy and safe.

Laboratory Health, cooperation, and duties powerpoint presentation

Genco Lab Duties

Duties must be done every month. The card you receive indicates which job you are responsible for. At the end of the month duties will be switched.


Autoclaving pipet tips. Putting away empty boxes for later use 1-2x per month (1 person).

Dishwashing. 2xper month (1 person).

Hood cleaning: 1xper month x5hoods (5 people).

Incubator cleaning: 1xper month x2(cell/bacteria) (2 people).

Ethidium Bromide station cleaning: 1xper month (1 person)


These instructions provided list the details of each duty and what it entails.

Protocols and Manuals to Read

Keep yourself updated on everything that is going on in the laboratory. Make sure to read all protocols and SOPs associated with your work. Always practice safe laboratory procedures and plan before experiments.

Biological Safety Logbook

Standard Operating Procedures

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Boston University Exposure Control Plan

Agent-specification Data Sheet

Boston University Biosafety Manual

Radiation Safety Logbook–If applicable

Research Safety Management Plan

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) 5th Edition A

Appendix A of the BMBL 5(PDF)

Additional Resources from OEHS

General SOPs

NIH rDNA Guidelines

All those manuals without links are available in the laboratory. Ask your lab manager Cynthia Gudino.

August 1, 2014
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