Curriculum Vitae






Ph.D.                1987-Microbiology, School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York.

M.S.                 1984-Microbiology, School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York.

B.S.                 1981- Biology, State University of New York College at Fredonia, Fredonia, New York.



2010-2013       Research Director, Section of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA


2003-present  Professor, Department of Medicine and Department of Microbiology, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA.


1997-2003       Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Section of Infectious Diseases and Department of Microbiology, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA and Department of Periodontology and Oral Biology, Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Boston MA


1993-1997       Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Member of the Graduate Faculty, Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Clark Atlanta University, and Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia.

1991-1993       Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Member of the Graduate Faculty, Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences,  Clark Atlanta University, and Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia.


1989-1991      Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Biology, Emory University School of Postgraduate Dentistry, Atlanta, Georgia.


1987- 1989      National Research Council Research Associate, Sexually Transmitted Disease Laboratory Program, Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia.


Research Grant Support


1.         PO1     AI078894        NIH/NIAID- Genco (PI)- 8/01/10-7/31/15. Role of the innate immune system in pathogen-induced chronic inflammation. Annual direct cost: $976,293.


2.         RO1     AI048611        NIH/NIAID- Genco (PI)- 04/01/08-04/30/14.  The gonococcal Fur regulon: Link to pathogenesis.  Annual direct cost: $250,000- currently in a no cost extension.


3.         U19      AI084048        NIH/NIAID- Rice (PI)- Genco (Co-I)-     9/25/09-6/30/14. Innate and adaptive Immunity in experimental and human gonococcal infection.  Annual direct costs to Genco: $398,355.


4.         T32      AI089673        NIH/NIAID- Genco (PI)- 9/01/11-8/30/16. Boston University Inflammatory Disorders Training Grant.  Annual direct cost: $279.932.


5.         R01      DE012768        NIH/NIDCR- Darveau (PI)-Genco (Co-I)- 06/1/2012-05/31/2016. P. gingivalis lipid A phosphate: contribution to virulence. Annual direct costs to Genco: $124,078.


6.         R01      DE023501-01  NIH/NIDCR- Genco (PI)-05/01/2013-03/31/2018.  P. gingivalis mediated evasion strategies. Annual direct cost: $328,749.


7.         D43TW009636-01       NIH/NIAID- Ellner, Joloba, Genco (MPI) 03/01/2014-12/31/2018. Training of Ugandans in basic research on TB and emerging infectious diseases. Annual direct cost: $138,573.


Pending Research Support

1.         U19      AI084048        NIH/NIAID- Rice (PI)- Genco (Co-I)- 03/01/14-02/28/19.          N. gonorrhoeae microbial signatures expressed during natural gonococcal Infection. Competitive Renewal. Total budget to Genco: $2,352,624.


2.         R21      CA182948-01             NCI/NIAID-Genco (PI)- 07/01/14- 06/30/2016. P. gingivalis and pancreatic carcinogenesis in mouse models.  Total budget: $458,187.


3.         R01      AI107821-01   NIH/NIAID-Genco (PI)- 04/01/14-03/31/18. Global transcriptome analysis of mucosal gonococcal infection.  Total budget: $1,535,578.00.


4.         RO1     DE024350-01  NIH/NIDCR- Genco (PI). 04/01/2014-03/31/2019. TLR4 evasion, bacterial persistence and chronic inflammation. Total budget: $3,348,265.


5.         RO1     AI048611        NIH/NIAID- Genco (PI)- 07/01/14-06/30/19.  The gonococcal Fur regulon: Link to pathogenesis.  Competitive Renewal – Total budget.  $2,325,681.


6.         RO1     DE024792     NIH/NIDCR- Cutler (MPI)- Genco (MPI)- 09/01/2014- 08/31/2019 Disruption of immune homeostasis in periodontal infection. Total budget: $1,016,014.


Previous Support

1.         PO1     HL083801   NIH/NHLBI- Vita (PI)- Genco (Co-I)- 5/01/06-4/30/11.  Vascular consequences of insulin resistance and obesity: SCCOR in vascular injury, repair and remodeling. 5% salary support.


2.         RO1     DE019786        NIH/NIDCR- Genco (PI)- 7/01/09-6/30/12. Innate immune bacterial recognition and osteoclastogenesis.


3.         RO1     DE018318   NIH/NIDCR- Gibson (PI)- Genco (Co-I)- 4/01/07- 3/31/11.  Infection-elicited oral bone loss:  TLR2 ontogeny and Porphyromonas gingivalis.


4.         RO1 HL08387 NIH/NHLBI- Genco (PI) 2/01/06-1/31/11. Invasive bacteria accelerate atherosclerosis through TLRs.


5.         RO1     HL08387 NIH/NHLBI- Genco (Mentor)- Madrigal (M.D./Ph.D) student-minority supplement 2/01/07- 1/31/10.


6.         National Center on Minority and Health Disparities. NIH loan scholar award.   Genco (PI) 9/01/05-8/31/09.


7.         RO1 DE09161 NIH/NIDCR- Genco (PI) 9/01/01-8/31/06.          Hemin capture strategies in P. gingivalis. This support included a minority supplement for graduate student Waltena Simpson.


8.         RO1 AI44059  NIH/NIAIDGenco (PI) 8/01/01-7/31/06. The gonococcal Fur-regulon: Link to pathogenesis.


9.         PO1 DE13191  NIH/NIDCR- Genco (PI) 4/01/00-3/31/05. Modulation of molecular pathogenesis in systemic diseases.

10.       RO1 DE12517   NIH/NIDCR- Genco (PI) 4/01/99-3/31/04 Use of P. gingivalis gingipain R1 peptides for oral immunization. 


11.       U19 AI38515   NIH/NIAID- Rice (PI)- Genco (Co-I). 06/01/98-05/31/03. Sexually transmitted disease cooperative research center.

12.       R21      NIH / NIDCR- Van Dyke (PI)- Genco (Co-I).     9/01/01-8/31/03.Periodontal inflammation in type 1 diabetes.


13.       RO1     NIH/NIDCR. – Travis (PI)- Genco (Co-I). 7/01/02-6/30/04. Bacterial proteases in periodontal diseases.


14.       Bi-National Research Grant– Hebrew University-Hadassah, Jerusalem, Israel and Boston University. Shapira (PI)- Genco (Mentor). 01/01/02- 12/31/04.


15.       RO1     DE009161. NIH/NIDCR- Genco (PI) Iron utilization by Bacteroides gingivalis. 11/01/91-10/31/96.


16.       RO1     AI030797. NIH/NIAID-Genco (PI). Iron assimilation by the pathogenic Neisseria. 9/30/91-7/31/96.


 Training Grant Support–Past and Present

1.         NIAID T32 AI07309.    Research Training in Immunology. Sherr (PI)- Genco (Training Faculty). 09/01/09-08/31/14.


2.         NHLBI T32 HL00724. Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Training Grant.  Freedman (PI)- Genco (Training Faculty). 07/01/11-06/30/17.

3.         NIAID  T32.  AI 007642.  Training Program in Host-Pathogen Interactions- Predoctoral. Murphy (PI)-Genco (Training Faculty). 09/01/08-08/31/13.


4.         NHLBI T32 HL007969. Training in Cardiovascular Biology- Predoctoral.  Ravid (PI)- Genco (Training Faculty).  07/01/09- 06/30/14.


5.         NIAID      T32.  Training Program in  Host Pathogen Interactions- Postdoctoral. Rice (PI)Genco (Training Faculty).  7/02/02-06/30/07.


6.         NIDCR.  T32. Training Program in Oral Biology. Oppenheim ( PI)- Genco (Training Faculty). 09/20/89- 06/30/04.


7.         NIDCR F32. Oral Immunization with gingipain delivered by Salmonella.  Gibson (PI)- Genco (mentor). 2/01/00-1/31/02.


Non- NIH Grant and Advisory Support

1.         VaxInnate, Cranbury, NJ.  Bacterial proteinases and TLRs.  2007.

2.         Sanofi- Pasteur- Toronto, Canada.   Periodontal disease vaccine advisory board. 2007.


3.         ECI Biotech, Worcester Ma.  Localized delivery of a novel therapeutic agent for periodontal disease.  Grant Support from R43 DE018075 (2007-2009) and ECI Biotech Funds. 2005-2008.


4.         Eisai Research Institute, Andover MA.  TLR agonists for bacterial pathogens. 2002-2003.


5.         Gillette Co, Boston, MA. Development of salivary biomarkers. 2002.


6.         Chiron Vaccines, Sienna Italy- Novartis, Emeryville CA, USA.  Testing vaccine candidates for Neisseria. 2001-2004.


7.         Pfizer, Groton, CT.  Therapeutics for periodontal disease. 2000.


8.         Wyeth- Lederle Vaccines, Pearl River, NY. Testing vaccine candidates for Neisseria meningitidis  and Streptococcus pneumoniae. 1998-2004.

Teaching Experience

Boston University                Course

2007-present                          Infection and Immunity             GMS-Course Director

2006-present                          Concepts in Infectious Diseases        BUSPH

2006-present                          Molecular Medicine Journal Club         GMS

2004-2006                               Advanced Immunology                        GMS

2001-2007                               Microbial Pathogenesis                       GMS-Course Co-Director

2000-2002                               Advanced Oral Biology                       GMS

1998- present                         Microbiology Journal Club                   GMS

1998-present                          Dental Microbiology SDM                     BUSM

1998-present                          Concepts in Microbiology                    GMS

1998-2004                               MMEDIC Microbiology              GMS

1998-present                          Medical Microbiology                           BUSM

External Teaching

2000- present             Harvard University School of Dentistry, Boston MA.  Advanced Oral Biology.

2000-2001                   Tufts University School of Dentistry, Boston MA. Advanced Oral Biology.

1992-1997                            Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia. Medical Microbiology and  Immunology Courses for medical students.

1989-90                       Emory University School of Postgraduate Dentistry, Atlanta, Georgia. Graduate Microbiology and Immunology Courses, Departments of Periodontology and Oral Biology,

1982-84                                  School of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Rochester, Rochester N.Y., Microbiology Laboratory, Department of Microbiology & Immunology,


 Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Research Associates Supervision

*- Denotes minority trainee

A.        Graduate Student

Current Students

Year                            Name                          Degree           Status

2011-present              Kate Goodmon            Graduate Student        PhD                  In Progress

2011-present              Connie Slocum            Graduate Student        PhD                  In Progress

2012- present             Jessica Allen               Graduate Student        PhD                  In Progress

Previous Students

Year                            Name                          Degree           Status

2009-2014                   Ryan McClure              PhD                  Postdoc Fellow, Pacific NW National Lab

2006-2011                   *Andres Madrigal        PhD                  BU Medical School

2007-2009                   Michael Tsang             MS                   Medical School

2005-2009                   Jeffrey Mellin               PhD                  Postdoc Fellow, Institute Pasteur, France

2003-2008                   Sarah Follows             PhD                  Clin Ass. Antigenics, Andover MA

2006-2007                   *Luis Meggo                MS                   BU Medical School, Boston, MA

2006-2007                   Jay Murlidharan           MS                   Medical School

2003-2007                   Michael Davey PhD                  Resident, BU SDM, Boston MA

2002-2004                   Peter Mydel                 PhD                  Postdoc, Univ. Washington, St Louis, MI

2001-2005                   Xinyan Liu                   PhD                  DDS student, Tufts Univ, Boston, Ma

2001-2004                   Anita Sroka                 PhD                  Res. Ass. Univ of Krakow, Poland

2001-2003                   Hillary Gallogly MS                   BU Medical School, Boston, MA

1999-2001                   Eric Garges                 MS.                  Resident, US Army

1996-2002                   Shite Sebastian           PhD                  Res. Sci., Sanofi Pasteur

1995-1997                   Paku Desai                  MS                   Res. Sci, Johnson & Johnson

1994-2001                   *Waltena Simpson       DSC                 Ass. Prof, South Carolina University


B.   Postdoctoral Fellows

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Year                            Name                          Degree           Status

2012- present             Jennifer Smith             PhD                  In Progress

2011-present              Carolyn Kramer           PhD                  In Progress

2009-present              Ken Barth                    PhD                  In Progress


Previous Postdoctoral Fellows

Year                            Name                          Degree           Status

2009-2013                   Nadine Daou                PhD                  Tufts University

2009-2013                   Chunxiao Yu               PhD                  Harvard Medical School

2007-2011                   Chie Hayashi               DDS, PhD         Harvard Residency Program

2007-2008                   Mayu   Onishi              DDS, PhD         Ichigaya Kudankita Dental Surgery, Japan

2005-2007                   Takashi, Ukai               DDS, PhD      Ass. Prof, Nagasaki, Univ, Japan

2004-2006                   Susan Grogan             PhD                  Biological Safety Unit, United Kingdom

2002-2006                   Y. S-Dasthtagirisaheb PhD                 Instructor BUSM, Boston, MA

2002-2005                   Hiromichi Yumoto        DDS,PhD          Ass. Prof, Univ. Tokushima, Japan

2001-2004                   Yusuke Takahashi      DDS,PhD          Ass. Prof, Kanagawa College, Japan

1999-2001                   Teresa Olzcak             PhD                  Ass.Prof.  Univ. Wroclaw, Poland

2000-2004                   Sarika Agarwal           PhD                  Instructor, Univ. Mass, Worcester, MA

1999-2001                   Teresa Olzcak             PhD                  Ass.Prof.  Univ. Wroclaw, Poland

1998-2001                   Frank Gibson               PhD                  Ass. Prof, BUSM, Boston, MA

1995-1997                   Ren Yo Forng              PhD                  Res Ass. Holland Biochemical, D.C.

1995-1997                   Chen Y. Wang             PhD                  Unknown

C. Resident Research Fellows

Year                Name                                      Degree           Institution    

2003-2005       Sofia Ostrer                            DDS                 BU Goldman School of Dentistry

2002-2004       Gabriela d’ Empaire                 DDS                 BU Goldman School of Dentistry

2001-2002       Jodie Wong                             DDS                 BU Goldman School of Dentistry

2001-2002       Charlie Hong                            DDS                 BU Goldman School of Dentistry

2000-2001       Dario Gonzalez                       DDS                 BU Goldman School of Dentistry

2000-2001       Gabral Boustany                     DDS                 BU Goldman School of Dentistry


C. Visting Scientists

Year                Name                                      Degree           Institution

2000-2002       Hamdy Nassar                        DDS, PhD         Al-Azhar University, Cairo Egypt

2000-2002       Hsin-Hua Chou                        DDS, PhD         Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan

E.         Undergraduate Research Assistants

Year                Name                                                              Status

2013                Catherine Cattley                                             Boston University

2009                Ema Malsina                                                    Boston University

2007-2009       Olivia Green                                                    UG, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

2007-2008       Claudia Green                                                 Davis College, N. Carolina

2006-2007       Cynthia Gudino                                                Res Lab Manager. BUSM, Boston, MA

2005-2006       Matt Blango                                                     Graduate School, University of Utah

2004-2005       Karlee Giannitrapani                                        Graduate School, UCLA

2002                Kirsty McFarland                                             Trainee, Trinity College, Ireland

2001                Dayna Martinez Zayas                                    Trainee Universidad del Turabo, PR


F. High School Students

Year                Name                                                               Program 

2005-2006       Olivia Green                                                    Newton Country Day  School

2003-2004       Claudia Green                                                 Newton Country Day School

2002-2003       Lee Gustovsky                                                Boston University City Lab Program


G. Graduate Thesis Advisory Committees

Student                    Date                                 Degree            Institution

Essence Maston         2013- present             PhD                  BUSM-Molecular Medicine- Chair

El-Amady Admed        2012-present              PhD                  Georgia Health Sciences Univ.

Julio Carrion                2009-2013                   PhD                  Univ. of New York at Stony Brook

Amir     Zeituni             2007-2010                   PhD                  Univ. of New York at Stony Brook

Hemail Patel                 2006-2008                   PhD                  BUSOE-Biomedical Engineering

Elizabeth Palaimia        2005-2009                   PhD                  BUSM-Molecular Medicine-Chair

Alfred Tamyo              2005-2009                   PhD                  BUSM-Molecular Medicine- Chair

Kylle Daley                  2005-2009                   PhD                  BUSM-Microbiology

Ana Avalos                 2005-2009                   PhD                  BUSM-Microbiology- Chair

Karen Lee                   2005-2008                   PhD                  BUSM-Microbiology- Chair

Eileen Dunne               2004-2009                   PhD                  BUSM-Microbiology

Marly Roche                2004-2009                   PhD                  BUSM-Pathology

Heather McLeod         2003-2007                   PhD                  BUSM-Microbiology-Chair

Aletta Schnitzer          2003-2007                   PhD                  BUSM-Pathology

Krisitin Perkins 2003-2007                   PhD                  BUSM-Microbiology

Lynn Decamp              2003-2007                   PhD                  BUSM-Microbiology

Theresa Singleton       2002-2006                   PhD                  BUSM-Microbiology

Yong Ding                   2002-2006                   PhD                  BUSM-Oral Biology

Lauren Yaunch           2002-2006                   PhD                  BUSM-Microbiology

Jennifer Lam               2002-2006                   PhD                  BUSM-Microbiology


University Committees / Associations

2008-present              Member of the BU Genome Science Institute

2008-present              Department of Pathology Qualifying Committee

2007-2010                   Chair, Boston University Institutional Biosafety Committee

2007-2010                   Boston University Human Gene Therapy Committee

2008-present              Faculty Development and Diversity Committee

2006-2010                   BUSM-Committee on Faculty Affairs

2006-present              Molecular Medicine Graduate Student Admissions

2006-present              Department of Medicine- Molecular Medicine Qualifying Committee

2005-present              Faculty Search Committees- Microbiology and Medicine

2004-present              Microbiology Faculty Appointment and Promotions

2003-2007                   Women in Science in the Department of Medicine

2003-2010                   Institutional Biosafety Committee

2000- present             Microbiology Graduate Student Admissions

1998-present              Department of Microbiology Qualifying Committee


Academic Honors

2012                Life Time Achievement Award for Research and Service, Department of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine.

2007                National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD) Health Disparities Scholar

2006                TOLL2006- Nature Publishing Group Prize- TLR2 plays a critical role in the atherosclerotic inflammatory response in apolipoprotein E- deficient mice that is independent of dietary lipids.

2005                National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD) Health Disparities Scholar

1994                Deans Award, Morehouse School of Medicine

1993                Sigma Xi National Scientific Honor Society

1992                Young Investigator Award, 9 th International Conference on Periodontal Research, Osaka, Japan.

1987-1989       National Research Council Associateship Award.

1980                Frank G. Brooks Award for First Place in Excellence in Student Research at Biennial Convention of Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society.

1979-81           President and Member of Upsilon Chi Chapter, Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society.


External Review Boards and Advisory Committees

2010-present  2010    NIH CSR College of Reviewers

1994-present  Member of Study Sections for the American Heart Association and the Center for Scientific Review / National Institutes of Health – Host Pathogen Study Section; Atherosclerosis Study Section; Bacteriology; Human Microbiome Study Section; Oral Biology and Medicine; and COBRE- Chair (2002)


1994-present  Member of National Institutes of Health Study Section- National Institute of Biomedical Imaging And Bioengineering  (NIBI) Special Emphasis Panel- Point of Care Technologies; NIAID- R13; NBII- Center grants; NIAID- R21 and RO3; NIH- Minority Research support; NIDCR, K08 training applications.


1997-present  Member of the Editorial Board Infection and Immunity, J. Periodontology, Oral Diseases.


1994-present  Ad-Hoc Reviewer,  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, New England Journal of Medicine, Circulation. Molecular Microbiology, Microbial Pathogenesis, J. Bacteriology, Vaccine, Cellular Microbiology,  J. Periodontol. Res., FEMS Microbiol. Lett.,  Microbiology, ATVB, Clin. Infec. Dis., Obesity Res., J. Immunol.


2006-present  Reviewer, Meningitides Foundation, U.K; National Medical Research Council, Singapore; United States Army Medical Research and Material Command, US.


2006-2007       Member American Heart Association  Peer Review


2002-2007          Councilor at Large American Society for Microbiology


1999-2002       Member of the external advisory committee, Research Centers for Minority                                                 Institutions (RCMI), Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN.


2000                Co-Organizer of the Twelfth International Pathogenic Neisseria Meeting, Galveston, TX.


1997                Organizer, Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial Host Cell Interactions in Periodontal Diseases, St. Petersburg, FL.


1995-1997       Member of NIH Minority Biomedical Research Support Review Panel.


1994-1998       Charter Member National Institutes of Health Study Section, Oral Biology &                                      Medicine -1.


1992 -2008      Chair, Co-Chair, and Organizer of Symposia, for the Gordon Conference, IADR, and NIH sponsored meetings.


1991-1993       Ad Hoc Member National Institutes of Health Section, Oral Biology & Medicine.


Professional Societies

American Society for Microbiology

American Association for the Advancement of Science

The Society for Anaerobic Microbiology

The Association for Women in Science


Non-Profit Positions and Community Service

2014                City of Newton Community Service Award for work with the Christina Clarke Genco Foundation.


2011-present  President and Treasurer, The Christina Clarke Genco Foundation (

The CCG Foundation was established in honor of her daughter Christina. Christina was on her second cross-country bicycle service trip with a non-profit group dedicated to affordable housing when a tragic accident took her life at the age of 22. As such, the foundation focuses on safe biking, affordable housing, and scholarship opportunities for young people.


2011-present  Habitat for Humanity, Boston MA and Peaks Pike CO Affiliate.


2012-present  Habitat for Humanity International, Malawi Africa.


2012- present Career Counselor, Bottom Line, Boston MA



2002 Use of gingipain peptides as immunogens for the prevention of colonization with P. gingivalis.                      US Patent # 08/822,324.



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July 22, 2014
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