About Our Program

The Professional Studies Program is based on a multidisciplinary, medical/legal approach to forensic and criminal investigations. Courses bring together law enforcement officers, forensic scientists, legal and medical professionals, and first responder personnel.

Courses range in length from two to five days and are both informative and relevant to the professional needs of each student. While many of the courses are designed to be classroom or auditorium-oriented, there are several other interactive programs that will provide the attendee with both classroom and practical experience opportunities.

The underlying emphasis in every seminar is on integrated teamwork and leadership. When people of different disciplines understand not only their own role in an investigation, but also the roles of the other participants, thereis an appreciation and respect that leads to a feeling of shared “ownership” of the case. The result is a team effort insuring that all possible investigative avenues are explored and all forensic tools applied.



The majority of classes will be taught at or adjacent to the campus of the Boston University School of Medicine. The size of each class as well as the venue, the instructional staff, and the frequency that the course(s) are offered will be based on the needs of the law enforcement and scientific communities. Course subject matter can be tailored to specific audiences on request.

Boston University Medical Center contains state of the art lecture halls, seminar rooms, sophisticated computerized teaching labs and Boston’s largest biomedical research park. In addition, the campus is in close proximity to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner for Massachusetts and the Boston Police Department Crime Laboratory

October 13, 2011
Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine