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Medical Students’ Perspective on education

    Creating Course Materials

    • To understand how to get permission to use copyrighted material in your course material, refer to these websites: University of Alabama Resource List and Copyright.com.
    • Medical Images is a database of images from the BU Alumni Library
    • How to create a quiz in PowerPoint.
    • Educational Media Center Contact the EMC for help with media including 35mm slides, photography, illustration, audio, video, brochures, booklets, manuals, posters, poster sessions, web graphics and more.
    • MedEdPortal The AAMC is providing a free exchange of peer-reviewed, high-quality educational materials such as PowerPoint presentations, virtual patient simulations and assessment for you to use or for you to contribute your educational materials.
    • Blackboard Learn provides guidance for creating your course site.
    • Survey Software to develop student surveys:
      Free Survey Software is available. Go to the Control Panel>Assessment Manager>Create New Assessment>Survey.
      Other free survey software is available at Questionpro or Free Online Surveys.
      For surveys to purchase or a free survey may be available through your department, look at:Survey Monkey

    New Technical Innovations in Education

    • Motivate your students with the newly developed medical gadgets presented in Medgadget
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