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  • Flipped classrooms: The whole idea about flipped classroom is to have the students do the reading before class or watch a video on the content and do the assignments and interactive discussion in class in small groups with more facilitator attention. There are many sources on flipped classrooms — The New York Times, Stanford School of Medicine, and Flipped Learning Network,
  • Interprofessionalism
  • Teaching patient safety
  • How do other schools use 4th year medical students to teach Problem-Based-Learning(PBL)?UC Davis: M4 students teach about 70 hours including PBL co-facilitation with faculty and attend seminars on teaching and learning. They receive 2 elective credits for this. 24 teaching spots offered. Penn State: About 30 M4 students attend a training session, write a paper, and teach solo for a month.

What are other medical schools doing?

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