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Featured Resources

  • AAMC news is now available on Twitter as AAMCtoday and on Facebook as aamctoday.
  • MedEdWorld is now available with information on recent publications on medical education, conferences, available education resources. Membership fee. It is also possible to browse the content pages of 80 leading education and medical education journals.
  • Medical Education Wiki, a Web 2.0 resource, discusses 1) How do students learn, 2) Classroom teaching techniques, and 3) Clinical teaching techniques.
  • Educational Scholarship Resources in Medical Education provides many searchable peer-reviewed medical educational resources that you can retrieve.
  • Heal, Health Education Assets Library, is a peer-reviewed repository for online educational materials.
  • Faculty’s Teachers Blog at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine.

Medical Education Web Sites

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Learn how to access full-text e-journals at the Alumni Medical Library by clicking on Quick Steps. Please note that Adobe Acrobat Viewer is necessary in order to view the quick steps.

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