Medical Education Research Resources


1. Frame Your Research Select a significant topic/problem relating to your educational experience and review the journals to see what others have researched on the topic. Ask yourself if your research will contribute to the topic or answer the problem

2. Write a clear research question  — Write your research question that you will investigate and the purpose of the study including targeted population, ethical implications and an idea how to measure research outcomes

3. Select a Systematic Research Method — Determine which research method will best serve your study such as  Experimental, Observational, Quasi-Experimental, or Mixed Method

4. Include bias controls — Look at challenges to your sample population (e.g., subject maturation, loss of subjects), measurement of outcomes (e.g., testing effects, investigator bias), and external interventions (e.g., disasters, contamination) that would generate unexpected variations in research findings.

5. Focus on quality reporting for the study — Review different journals and follow their publishing requirements, verify authorship, and ask peers to review the study before submitting to a journal for possible publication. An Annotated GEA Bibliography of Medical Education Research Journals.

6. After your submission is acceptedSuggestions from AAMC and contact Media Relations Manager Gina DiGravio ( to promote your work.


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