Faculty Flexibility Task Force

Research shows that faculty career flexibility policies are increasingly important to attract and retain talented and engaged faculty members. In December 2012, the BU School of Medicine received a grant  from the American Council on Education and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to improve faculty flexibility policies and to create an institutional culture that supports work-life integration throughout faculty members’ life courses.

To address these issues, faculty members and institutional leaders from across BU School of Medicine, Boston Medical Center, and the Faculty Practice Foundation constituted a Task Force, which met twice a month from January through May. The Task Force members reviewed the literature, identified best practices from peer institutions and examined current BUSM and FPF policies.

In the report linked to below, the Task Force proposes improved policies that are relevant for the needs of today’s faculty members, greater consistency in policies across BUSM and the FPF, and a campaign to raise awareness about the policies and encourage their use.

Faculty Flexibility Task Force Final Report

Faculty Flexibility Policies at BU School of Medicine and Faculty Practice Foundation