Top 10 Reasons

why manuscripts are not published in Respiratory Care:

10. Picking the wrong journal

9. Submitting a manuscript in a format that does not match what the journal publishes

8. Not following the manuscript preparation instructions

7. Poor writing

6. Getting carried away in the discussion

5. Suboptimal reporting of the results

4. Inadequate description of the methods

3. Poor study design

2. Failure to revise and resubmit following peer review

1. Failure to write and submit a full manuscript after presenting the abstract



why manuscripts of medical education are rejected:

1. Inappropriate or incomplete statistics

2. Overinterpretation of results

3. Inappropriate or suboptimal instrumentation

4. Sample too small or biased

5. Text difficult to follow

6. Insufficient problem statement

7. Inaccurate or inconsistent data reported

8. Incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated review of the literature

9. Insufficient data presented

10. Defective tables or figures

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