January 18, 2012


  • Janice Weinberg, PhD, Biostatistics
  • Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM, cardiologist, genetic epidemiologist
  • Nancy Kressin, PhD, Health and Health Care Disparities, Director, Disparities in CV Care, submitting grants 20 years, VA, AHA, NIH, private foundations
  • Barbara Corkey, PhD, Vice Chair Research, Basic Scientist, 30th year, continuously funded grant, 3 RO1s, study section AHA, NIH, ADA
  • Peter Cahn, PhD, Director of Faculty Development and Diversity, Department of Medicine

How structure time

  • Corkey. Takes much longer than think, start at least 2 months in advance, w/o having to do that, start specific aims, send out to colleagues, people in and out of field, get critiques
  • Benjamin. Decide area, before timelines, area or hypothesis first, getting topic essential. Get readers and coinvestigators.

▪      Block out time as meeting, shut off email,

▪      Block out with family and colleagues.

▪      Develop timeline, choose dates for feedback, set fixed time points

  • Kressin. Look at RFAs every week. look at timeline, spend weeks on the specific aims, tight, persuasive, most important page of the grant. First timeline, administrative processes, when due to internal grants/administrator, backs up 2 weeks.
  • Weinberg. Specific aims do change. contact a statistician when have glimmer of idea. get involved early in process. May see flaw derail your specific aims. Once try to put into words, may come to different understanding of what question you want to answer. Even word changes can be important. Last minute not successful. It will show.

How to find funding

  • Weekly NIH notice
  • What is the most important thing I can do? How do I get into top 10% –>directs to which agency, go for something that can generate for continuous funding
  • Approach for continuous funding: Corkey, I am going to cure DM and obesity, choose title first grant very broad, each grant brand new hypothesis but whole new approach, very well known in that field, people on study section know who I am. as funding gets tougher and tougher, goes to most important diseases.
  • Super fund research site, it can be a problem new exciting center, basic vs. clinical
  • Emelia and Nancy, never had grant renewed
  • Corkey, demands for creativity and originality exactly the same, my umbrella big, look stale, if one or two not maximally productive
  • Take each aim, send to agency might fund an aim, might get the foundation grant get strong preliminary data, it is the same study section
  • Often applying to RFAs, work known in that area
  • If written a good RO1, easy to convert to ADA or AHA grant, reformat and reorganize











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