FDD Topics

Appreciative inquiry Literature searches
Awards Managing up
Basic scientists in a medical department Medical errors
Behavior change Meetings
Career development Mentoring
Cell phone and smart phone etiquette Networking
Change management Nonacademic careers
Communication skills Oral presentations
Conflict management Personality tests
Creativity Plagiarism
Curiosity Positive deviance
Delegation Poster presentations
Depression Project management
Disruptive professionals Promotion
Diversity Quality improvement
Education scholarship Research facilities
Email survival Resume writing
Emotional intelligence Search committees
Ethics Sexual harassment
Faculty development Strategic planning
Faculty evaluation Succession planning
Faculty retention Suicide
Friends and foes in the workplace Teaching skills
Future of academic medicine Team-building theory
Generation gap Transition to faculty
Grantsmanship Translational research
Imposter Women in medicine
Laboratory management Work hours
Leadership Work/life integration
Letters of reference Writing for publication
Liberating structures

Appreciative inquiry


Basic scientists in a medical department

Behavior change

  • Moser EM, Stagnaro-Green A. Teaching behavior change concepts and skills during the third-year medicine clerkship. Acad Med 2009;84:851-8. PMID: 19550175

Budget management

Career development

Cell phone and smart phone etiquette

Change management

Communication skills

Conflict management





Disruptive professionals

Email survival (see also Time Management)

Emotional intelligence

  • Goleman, D. 1998. What Makes a Leader? Best of Harvard Business Review. 1-11. PMID: 10187249


Faculty evaluation

Faculty development

Faculty retention

Friends and foes in the workplace

Generation gap



Letters of reference

    Liberating structures

    Literature searches

    • Pubmed — over 4,000 biomedical journals
    • Scirus — scientific literature
    • BioMail — automatic periodic searches for recent scientific papers in PubMed version of MEDLINE database.
    • PubCrawler — automatically searches the PubMed version of MEDLINE and Entrez (GenBank) databases at periodic intervals.

    Managing up

    Medical errors

    Networking at conferences

    Oral presentations

    Personality tests

    • Gladwell, Malcolm. “Personality Plus,” New Yorker Magazine. September 20, 2004


    Positive deviance

    Poster presentations

    Project management

    Quality improvement


    Sexual harassment

    Strategic planning

    Succession planning


    Team-building theory

    Transition to faculty

    Translational research

    Work hours

    Work/life integration

    Writing  for publication (see also Manuscript Preparation)