Teresa Cheng

Academic rank
Assistant Professor
General Internal Medicine
Training name and year attended
6th Annual Perioperative Medicine Summit 2011
Training web link
Brief training description
The Perioperative Medicine Summit involved three days of lectures, workshops and panel discussion on topics related to perioperative medicine, including issues related to the practice of medical consultation, assessment of and testing for perioperative risk factors, and implementation of evidence-based therapies. The conference also featured research abstracts, innovations and clinical vignettes in perioperative medicine.
What did you learn?
I learned
-new advances in anesthesia management
-ways to integrate teaching into a medical consultation service
-emerging areas of perioperative assessment
-evidenced based and cost effective testing in the perioperative evaluation of patients
-co-management models of providing perioperative care
Would you recommend the program? Who could benefit from attending?
Yes, would recommend.
Are you willing to be contacted about the program?
  • Yes

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