Daniel Oates

  Daniel Oates
Academic rank
  Asst. Professor
Training name and year attended
  Quality Colloquium
Training web link
Brief training description
  This 2.5 day conference was an overview of quality improvement, focusing on the practical application of quality metrics to everyday institutions. It was a broad overview, though it had some sessions that focused more on specific institutions, using them as an example as to how on can apply quality improvement tactics within an institution.
What did you learn?
  I learned a bit about the history of the quality improvement “movement” and how the focus on quality was triggered in other industries. There was an excellent session on the politics of helathcare and how the “system” ended up as it is today.
Would you recommend the program? Who could benefit from attending?
  I would recommend this for those who are new to this area and want a broad overview of different activities in this area. It assumes that one already has “nuts and bolts” knowledge of quality improvement and how to begin work in this area. There was little attention to developing ideas that may apply to your own institution or helping to problem solve as a larger group.
Are you willing to be contacted about the program?
  • Yes

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