Education Pilot Grants

The Department of Medicine is awarding grants to fund research in education.

  • The grants will facilitate career advancement of educators by promoting academic scholarship;
  • The grants will enhance educator vitality and retention by fostering role diversity and career mastery;
  • The resulting research findings will enhance the training of medical students, residents, fellows, graduate students, and postdocs at BU.


Clinician and scientist educators with primary faculty appointments in the Department of Medicine are eligible to request pilot funding for educational research once every two years. Collaborators in other departments are acceptable as long as the principal investigator comes from the Department of Medicine.

Appropriate projects for funding include:

  • Evaluation of pedagogical innovation
  • Development of a curriculum
  • Qualitative assessments of learning
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Integration of technology into teaching
  • Test of mentoring models
  • Assessment of educational needs
  • Pilot work for educational studies

Funds available
Department of Medicine may award up to $10,000 in funds per year. Applicants may request up to $6,000 per proposal. The funds may be applied to the cost of:

  • Supplies and small equipment
  • Research assistants
  • Consultants (e.g. evaluators, statisticians, etc.)
  • Compensation to research subjects

Evaluation criteria
The Faculty Development and Diversity Committee will serve as the review committee for determining awardees. The committee will consult non-committee experts as needed. They will score applications based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation of proposed project
  • Adequate methods and expertise to achieve the stated goals
  • Likelihood of educational benefits for trainees or faculty in the Department of Medicine and/or BU School of Medicine
  • Potential for scholarly products and national recognition
  • Contribution to applicant’s career advancement
  • Potential for sustaining project following the year of grant support

The committee will provide written feedback to all applicants.


Reporting back
Each year’s grantees will form a learning community that will meet every three months from September through June to provide peer mentoring.

All awardees must submit a progress report twelve months after activation of the grant.


Education Pilot Grant

Applications are due on Wednesday, April 1st for projects starting between July 1 and October 1, 2015. You cannot save your responses and return to this form, so you may want to compose text in a Word document and paste it below.
  • What is the question you are attempting to answer? Why is it important?
  • What is novel about your project? Why should funding it be a priority?
  • What data have you collected already? What does the secondary literature say about your research question? Do you have the necessary training to complete the work?
  • What will you do to obtain the information required to answer the research question? If you will be working with other investigators, please indicate who will perform which aspect of the work.
  • What is the value in knowing the answer to your research question? What scholarly projects might result from completing the project?
  • Please describe the phases of the project, and the milestones you will accomplish on your project from July, 2015 - June, 2016.
  • How does this project fit within the context of education at BUSM? Can it be scaled up? How can it be sustained beyond the period of grant support?
  • Who will guide you in conducting the research? What support will you have to overcome unanticipated challenges?
  • How will the successful completion of this project advance your career?
  • How much money will be necessary to complete your project? How will you spend the funds?
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.


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