Pilot Cancer Grant


Pilot Research Grants


The Cancer Center at Boston University has been awarded an Institutional Grant from the National Chapter of the American Cancer Society to encourage young investigators ( * junior faculty * ) to carry out cancer related research. The primary purpose of the grant is to serve as “seed” money to permit initiation of promising new projects or novel ideas that will serve as basis for future grant applications from other programs. The awards will vary according to the needs of the project and will range in amounts, but cannot exceed $30,000 (direct cost) for one year.

Current ACS grant recipients are allowed to apply for a second year of pilot grant support for the same project. However, the majority of allocations will be made to persons who have not received prior ACS pilot grant support. Applicants who are current ACS pilot grant recipients and are reapplying will be evaluated in large part on their productivity during the prior award.

Appropriate research topics include basic, translational or clinical cancer research, population science, cancer disparities, psychosocial or epidemiological cancer research.

Applications will be awarded on a competitive basis and evaluated according to criteria described in the application forms.

The proposals are no more than 5 pages in length, Ariel 11 font. Please contact Ms. Alexis Corazzini at the Cancer Center office at BUMC, K712, Telephone 617-638-4133 or alco7@bu.edu for an application form.


* Clarification of Junior Faculty:  Instructor, Assistant Professor or equivalent is eligible. Instructors and Research Assistant Professors will be required to submit documentation of their independence and Departmental commitment from the Departmental Chairperson. Senior investigators, postdoctoral fellows and research associates are NOT eligible. Applicants must not have already been recipients of major national or federal funding.



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