May 12, 2011

Present: Emelia Benjamin, Peter Cahn (recorder), Isabel Dominguez, Jane Liebschutz (chair), Paola Massari, Faina Schwartz

Topic Desired outcome Action
Seminar Planning Develop a core curriculum:

  • Promotion (K. Freund)
  • Resume boot camp (E. Benjamin)
  • Grant budgets (N. Clinton)
  • Submitting to a journal (J. Liebschutz)
  • Leading teams (V. Ramachandran, F. Montemurro)

Offer a short series on academic writing:

  • Twice a month for two months
  • For clinicians and investigators

Schedule lunchtime seminars:

  • NIH resubmissions
  • Time management (Chris Shanahan)
  • Interviewing a trainee (Program director, Bob Witzburg, in November)
  • Creating an inclusive work environment (Rafael Ortega)
  • Turning quality into scholarship (Anand Kartha, Saul Weingart)

Sponsor social events:

  • Women’s dinner
  • Talent show/arts reception

Reserve rooms and publicize calendar.

Boosting morale in DOM
  • Generate list of creative solutions
  • Identify responsible person and suggestions for carrying out each solution
NP professional development
  • Establish goals for helping nurse practitioners advance academically
  • Identify representative to speak at upcoming meeting
  • Ask NPs to speak to the committee or become a member (Deb Whalen).

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