September 12, 2011

Present: Emelia Benjamin, Peter Cahn (recorder), Isabel Dominguez, Angela Jackson,  Jane Liebschutz (chair), Faina Schwartz, Michael York

Topic Discussion Action items
Committee bylaws It’s important to establish a model of transparency for other committees. 

Word changes will clarify the goal of the committee and the process for selection of a chair.

Unanimous vote to approve bylaws with amendments.

Peter Cahn will make edits and e-mail the rest of the committee, who will have a week to voice any objections.
External awards process Creating a subcommittee to identify external awards and potential nominees will broaden recognition and enhance promotion prospects. 

The Vice Chair for FDD will continue to work through section chiefs to encourage nominations.

Suggested possible members of a subcommittee to meet twice a year: Becky Silliman, Mary Williams, David Felson, Warren Hershman, Sharon Levine, Rich Saitz.

Jane Liebschutz will contact Becky Silliman to see if she would like to head the subcommittee.
Boosting morale The committee agreed that faculty in danger of losing a leadership role should receive a performance improvement plan and six months to implement it. We should move to an overall climate of feedback.

Should every leadership role have term limits? It would allow for more creativity, turnover, reassessment of strategic plans. This would work only if performance expectations were made clear and feedback regularly received.

A 360 evaluation would be helpful for faculty, particularly those in leadership roles. The FDDC could provide templates that sections could use. It raises questions about who will conduct the interviews and process the data? Who will choose the evaluators? Who owns the data?

Along with weekly calendar, DOM should send commendations for unsung heroes. People can self-nominate or nominate colleagues. This will refocus faculty on what matters.

Peter Cahn will query the AAMC GFA listserv about best practices for 360 evaluations.

Faculty can funnel positive news stories to Peter.

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