November 17, 2011

Present: Michael Ieong, Paola Massari, Sharon Levine, Frank Farraye, Angela Jackson, Isabel Dominguez, Jane Liebschutz (chair), Matt Russell (recorder)

Item Discussion Action
Minority Physician Recruitment Program Justin McCummings met with FDDC to give an overview of his role and current undertakings.  Focus is on increasing and retaining people from under-represented minorities. He is working with the medical school offices of diversity and multicultural affairs. He is attempting to engage in active recruitment and outreach strategies.
  • Create a clearinghouse for available positions in DOM

Justin should consider

  • attending Fellowship directors’ meeting
  • attending faculty meeting with slide presentation for dissemination
  • meeting with Residency program directors
  • touching base with Sheilah Chapman and Sandra Gordon around past efforts
Walk and Talk Reviewed concept.
Two fold purpose 

  • ways to improve morale/connect with other staff.
  • improve communication with /accessibility to leadership

Need an anchor person.
Should last 30-45 minutes and have a well mapped-out walking route around the south end.

Re-thinking the format, we suggested not specifically focusing on having a hospital leader but making sure leadership is invited.
Have multiple options for times
7:30 AM, Noon, 5:30PM
Mike/Sharon can do Wednesday or Thursdays at 7:30AM
Matt can do Wednesdays at 5:30….ending at Tapas.
TBD can do Tuesdays at noon.

FDDC Grants and Seminars Reviewed low applicant numbers and low attendance respectively Each FDDC member to re-announce FDDC grant opportunities and seminars to sections.

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