November 14, 2012

Present: Jane Liebschutz, Chris Shanahan, Sharon Levine, Sonia Ananthakrishnan, Gopal Yadavalli, Tesfaldet Tecle, Emelia Benjamin

Item Discussion Action
Brainstorming about how to advance education mission of Dept of Medicine: Education mission 


  • What is the articulated mission?
  • Learners: Residents & Students and Faculty


  • Who is leading?
  • No vice-chair for education: Defacto: Warren? Gopal?
  • Who is leading education mission in Basic science?


  • Scholarship
    • Master Educators publishing/scholarship
    • Reputation
      • Well-known place clinician educators thrive/morale
      • Let’s outsiders and potential learners judge if BU gives a great education
      • Visibility and transparency important for this
      • Vitality & retention
        • Development of clinician educators, for faculty vitality and retention to create great clinical work & great educator
        • Skills development:
          • Milestones
          • Competencies
          • Also assessment skills
          • System, structure, metrics, dashboard
            • Need for structured way to be a clinician educator – how do you structure contribution?
            • Have teachers see evaluation of performance
              • (Side note: BUSM has evaluations on all faculty by students- should be sent to Dept Chairs- need to find out and how to get it disseminated;  Gopal planning to send three year compilation of resident evaluation to attending physicians)

Education PI who mentor researcher, who allow them to advance and develop

How can committee be successful

    What does path for success look like for clinician educator in these various roles:

    • Clinician
    • Clinician Educator
    • Clinician Scholar

    Articulate a Road Map for these paths of success

    • Website –> outline
    • Publications

    Skill sets that people need to learn, and knowledge to turn teaching into scholarship

    1. Big idea for Scholarship – project?
    • How turn what you do on a daily basis into scholarship
    • Create opportunities for scholarship
    1. If develop a program how do you evaluate it
    2. If have program evaluated how turn into scholarship – papers, MedEd portal

    How to succeed

    • Tools for success
    • Only question asked when clinician educator interviews for job is “when can you start?” vs. the skill set for investigators
    • Educator portfolio – not used here and so CV creation very difficult

    How innovate and disseminate

    • How to get support to do it
    • Need for in house evaluator

    Writing seminars

    • May be too premature for people who don’t even know how to formulate a project

    Consider developing a Nationally peer reviewed award (example from Cleveland via Gopal)

    • Individual faculty submit what they consider their best educational innovation/curriculum/paper, gets reviewed by internal committee and highest ranked sent to national peer reviewers (anonymous) who will then say whether it ranks nationally as worthy of award;  likely to raise the bar at our institution

    Disseminate, incorporate feedback

        Action Item

        –>    Gopal to form a subcommittee to take on development of the paths to success for educators

        –>    Sharon, Sonia, Warren, Emelia, Rob (Lowe)

        –>    Need someone from basic science education (desgupta?)

        –>    Open it up to anyone from faculty

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