March 5, 2012

Present: Emelia Benjamin, David Coleman, Peter Cahn, Jane Liebschutz, Raj Krishnamurthy, Matt Russell, Marjory Charlot, Isabel Dominguez, Mark Braun, Michael Ieong, Sonia Ananthakrishnan, Frank Farraye

Item Discussion Action
Conversation with David Coleman
  1. Very impressed by diversity of different initiatives, willing to take on new things. New paradigms needed, faculty development not mature in academic medicine.
  2. Major goals are to help empower the faculty to achieve excellence, fulfillment in their work, achieve effectiveness, to feel a sense of engagement with the department, create a community.
    1. Central need around mentoring.
    2. Continue to think about leadership training. Create more empowered faculty. Help people realize their potential.
    3. Lack of diversity among our faculty discouraging for an institution that takes pride in diverse patient population. Need to be aggressive and proactive, not use pipeline problem as an excuse. Real deficit in our department.
    4. Input on how I can be more effective in helping faculty develop, encouraging diversity.
  3. Suggestions
    1. Might want to have lunch meetings, sign up list that Kirstin controls.  Structure so that it addresses a real topic. Get the pulse of the department. Set ground rules about what it’s supposed to be. Goal to get comments together, get gestalt. Invite groups with common interests. Have FDDC member as anchor.
    2. What are efforts to increase diversity? Struggle for fellow to become a faculty member. How to retain residents? Variable based on sections. Not a predictable standard. Very inconsistent, not systemic recruiting efforts. Sections vary. People vary in how proactive. Get chiefs to talk to each other.
    3. Put walk and talks and Faculty Fridays on your schedule.
David Coleman invited back to visit the committee
Clinical Leadership Program
  1. How do we identify, grow our leaders? Not completely in line with what FDDC has done.
  2. Clinician and administrative leader apply to program as dyad. Interactive cohort model. Strategic project aligned with institution’s goals. Foster relationships, share practices and approaches.
  3. 8-10 pairs participate in 2-day training workshop in fall. 90- minute forum to reinforce behaviors. Mark Braun, Ravin and Pete Healy as potential facilitators.
  4. Input: Involve faculty members who trained through AACH. Need a course director who is not the expert but responsible for content, holding the place.
  5. Some skills missing from list: how do you manage to schedule clinician researchers in academic clinic? How do you negotiate conflict among those people? Target training with sensitivity of issues at hand. Where does teaching in clinic fall? More focused attack on skills and competencies.
  6. Specifics of sessions come from participants. Case-based.
  • Send feedback on program to Raj Krishnamurthy
  • Frank Farraye will send model to Raj
Follow-up on diversity Tabled
Education pilot grants Tabled

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